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THE LEGISLATURE 10 TRHJMPHE STEAMSHIP LINES GEORGETOWN NOTICES PROPOSALS CLOTHING The The Eastern Market Bill 'TUESDAY JULY 11 1S7L New York Defeated CITY BULLETIN sag B1R SOLOMONS' HACK BILL THE BLl'E ABOVE THE ERBE ei 0 A Battle for Rights lers Suits 3 Left 1 $337338 67 I Word to 51 58 1869 The wise 30 88 I860 18 36 500 Linen Coats 91 to $1 1415115 89 500 Linen Pants $1 to 93 50 1869 White Duck Suits White Vests Double and Single' 1869 Breasted Derby Linen Suits 4 Same Derby Suits for Boys $2 75 78 88 1869 Youths' Derby Suits S3 50 to $60 Same 33 88 1869 I Our whole stock oi Summer Goods at low prices a 1415145 89 Same 44 00 1869 3 78 88 I860 539 15 525 Seventh Street OPPOSITE POST OICE 1 se81y 801 314 00 GALLERY STRAW GOODS I Dy 25 16 1869 rl 19 42 98 1869 Will tie opened to the public on MONDAY MAY 8 1 1 myl tf 128 88 1869 I ALL THE NEW AND 29 61 1 6 7 2 DESIRABLE SHAPES 8 9 19 09 I860 I Dyer I' IN 4 Same 25 64 1869 mh4 WASHINGTON 1 JUST RECEIVED AT myfi3 dStf IIP 133 88 1869 Jul fit roposals OR THE IMPROVE MENT THE MINNESOTA RIVER Nancy Lee 52 75 1869 94 OC 1869 EVERY DESCRIPTION ft Same 30 88 1869 43 88 1868 I Young Christian as SOdlATION Corner of Ninth and streets 1 19 88 1869 801 Market Space Same 25 oq I 1869 ft 28 88 Same 1869 28 88 Same 1869 INDUCEMENTS EXTKAORD1XAKY 1869 28'88 NO SHAM I Same 1869 26 75 26 75 1869 1869 STEAMBOAT LINES 7 14 14 1869 Pfion 68 88 1869 59 00 1869 PROPOSALS "PROPOSALS OR LOUR AND SALT mia vr 1 0 2 0 4 16 5 13 Brooke Mackall Brooke Mackall Mary Carroll Albert Burl! Tub new Colonnade Hotel Philadelphia Pa is connected by street cars with the Camden erries 2 3 2 1 1 Description of Property Wm 1 Kiug Edwin Knowles 78 84 87 89 90 90 Andrew Barber Geo Casilear Edwin Knowles William hen Edwin Knowles Same I 1 Xavia endrick Wm King I I WilliamDowling Eleanor Lang William Johnson and 1869 I Dyer John Man began I Same 1868 and 1869 1868 and 1869 GW Casilear 1 I Social Gatherings Boarding Lists Bowling Alley Gymnasium I iterary Entertainments Casile Dyer Casilear Casilear Geo Casilear Wm King Simms $48010 66 62150 32 46580 04 56611 0221501 17 12116 46 21041 00 130229 30 131925 65 7388 58 4443 15 246950 10 78268 67 62248 79 88902 25 53060 93 944 08 311346 02 24 187 19 1530 91 20 85 Casilear Edwin ILuowl Simms 311346 02 944 08 131925 65 24187 19 1843 34 20 85 1530 95 310 45 2556 19 142 50 Samuel Davis Casilear Geo Casilear Baine 1 GW Casilear PERIODICALS WEEKLY PAPERS Corner of Seventh anti Streets John 1 Stone Geo Casilear SEVERAL BILLS INTRODUCED NO 1225 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 1 Arthur Brown $73 50 At 85 per Slit Coat Pants And Vest MUTUAL Pearce' Hatfield 1 Start 1st Smith 2d 3db Mills Eggler Walters Patterson Wm heirs Wm King Tlie Seventh Street Improvement Theimprovement of Seventh street South Wash ington has been considerably deterred and of late the contractor has been the recipient of harsh names for allowing the streets to remain in a dangerous condition In some places the street has been cut down at least two feet below the grade of the railroad Mr Gleason the present contractor promises that the work be pro ceeded with without any further delay and that the cutting down grading and laying of the' sewer shall be begun immediately Serious Casanlity On Saturday afternoon a little daughter of air Peter Downey about six years of age residing on Greenleaf Point was terribly burned about the right arm side head and face by her clothes ta king fire from a blaze which she had started in the fire place with a box of matches 2 1 2 3 12 1 2 3 2 Simms 91 92! 92 91 89 86 orth side between Twelfth aud Thirteenth sts Ml Suit Rapidly Going Between Eight i Nine Hundred a Grant) Effort 'To control the Linen Trade of the city Casilear A Wm Duvall Casilear b2 2 12 11 0'1 0 2 1 2 3 1 2'3 3 3 13 17 en SimilycW STRAW II A 8 Geo Casilear A REMARKABLY INE GAME BALL The Olympic Victorious by a Score of 16 to 13 0 2 Hannah Bargay and ethi rom this day I am determined to sell off my entire stock of MILLINERY LOWERS RIB BON8 NATURAL CURLS IMITATION HAIR GOODS and a well assorted stock of ANCY GOODS at first cost lir order to change business by the 1st of August PRICE 413 SEVENTH STREET Between and streets EXPENDITURES Disbursem*nts by check By irst Ward und Second Ward und Third Ward und ourth Ward und ifth Ward und Sixth Ward und Seventh Ward und General und General und (Licenses) School und School House und School and School House und metropolitan police und Gas und Canal und Ten Bond und Water und' Special Tax und Redemption und Seven thirty Bond und Surplus und Balance on deposit in irst Slater Collector lor triet of Columbia 3 4 5 6PM 7 8 i CI OTHIERS AND TAILOR8 Win II Robertson (ADVANTAGES THE ASSOCIATION ree Reading Room Best Papers Best Magazines ree Parlors Prayer Meetings at Noon and 6 Have yon Keen 1 The $5 Shrunk 1 A Linen Suit At Oak Hall? Encouraged by the almost miraculous i success that has crowned our efforts in introducing our famous AB Wool $11 Cheviot Suit To the economical bargaln lovtng'cltt sens of Washington and vicinity we have determined to make I hens Proposals for building OUNDATION AND PIER AND DWELL ING AND TOWER OR LIGHT HOUSE ON POINT PROVIDENCE RIVER RHODE ISLAND MarvL Carroll 16'3 0 0 1110 3 1 Mills 1 Knr oiighs 13 Batfield 7 Smith 1: erguson Eggler 2: Patterson 'i I OLB OR SCHOOL RELIGIOUS AND MISCEL LANE0US BOOKS 28 88 8OL Drnelty to Animals An important meeting of the Society for thePrevention of Cruelty to Animals will be held in ithe lecture room of the ChristianAssociation at 7 30 this evening Officersare to be elected for the ensuing term and thequestion of an alteration of the style of seal is to jbe decided A thorough reorganization is required jjso as to enable the association to work effectively (under the law abbut to be enacted by the Legisla iture This law will be operative throughout theentire District and will accomplish great good ifproperly enforced or its enforcement the asso delation is responsible and every member shouldattend faithfully to his duties as such so as to in sure prompt and thorough work in the cause of humanity which he professes' to espouse Inat tention' inaction and lukewarmness in the mat ter will bring discredit not only upon the associa tion but upon the District fas having good lawsbut inoperative because of indifference and faith lessness on the part of those whose duty it is to secure their execution CharlesDodge Simms PRICE 413 Seventh Street Between and Streets Police Convention to 4e Held Chief of Police James McDonough from St Louis called upon Major Richards yesterday to consult with him in relation to the holding of a police convention in which all the police authori ties throughout the Country are to be represented ji The object of the convention is to organize a more efficient system of communication between the different heads of police organizations and to take into consideration the subject of prevention of crime The convention will be held in St Louis in October The authorities of St Louis promise to pay all the expenses connected with the convention Wm King 1 OLYMPIC Waterman 3d orce Mills 1st Allison Glenn Leonaid 2d Brainard Hall Burroughs lT WASHINGTON AND OHIO Iff RAILROAD I I SPRING SCHEDULE BEGINNING MARCH 20 1871 Im trains daily (except Sundays) between Alex i andria and Hamilton i Leave Alexandria at 8 40 A and 5 Arrive at Hamilton at 1058 A and 7 25 Jeave Hamilton at 550 A and 1215 Arrive at Alexandria at 8 05 A and 2 35 The 8 40 A train from Alexandria and 12 15 train from Hamilton connect at Hamilton with Daily Linet of Coaches for Snick orsville Berryville ana Winchester also ith Line of Conches whjchleavdLees burg daily for Aldio and i i HAVENNER I my25 1y General Ticket Acent ancy and Millinery Goods Geo Casilear SOO Alpaca Coats $2 to $5 The JVeatiier Range of thermometer at drug store corner of Ninth and streets July 101871 in the 7 A 8 A 10 A 12 1 2 Correct 4 Wm Bkamhall The bill for the prevention of false alarms of firewas taken from the table the Council (amendments concurred in and the bill passed The House at 555 on motion of Mr Boswelladjourned ij A DENIAL A ft) Mr Brown desires us to state that he wasnot a rival of Mr Hall in the nomidating eonven 4 Ion as stated yesterday that he peremptorily re ffused to have his name presented to the couven rtion when a gentleman proposed it that the nature of his memorial itseif shows that there was no political or party bearing in it and that he is jat a loss to see why without the shadow of a cause or provocation he is thus vilified for doing what he had a right to do and not be publicly de famed because of it 1 To which we answer that we printed the state ment on what we deemed good authority and hat we now make room for the statement of the gen tleman himself 1 1 rl LOWEST RICES TVf LINE STEAM 1XA SHIPS BETWEEN WASHINGTON AND NEW YORK I Hereafter the fine steamships a KNIGHT' JOHN GIBSON and VALLEY CITY will maka regular weekly trips between New York Alexan dria Washington and Georgetown as follows: Yor frora East rtver every leave Georgetown every RIDAY at 7 A and Alexandria the sama day at 12 or information apply to A DENHAM Agent office and wharf foot of High street Georgetown or at the corner of Seventeenth street 1 and New York avenue 1 3 THOMPSON I apl4 tf RAILROAD LINES Office of Light House Engineer Third Dstkict TnirDizTxicinT 1 XT 7nnnO() 1OT1 SEPARATE SEALED ATS dnnli cate accompanied by a guarantee in duplicate and a printed copy of this advertisem*nt ad dressed to the undersigned and endorsed on the envelope for Building Point Light House will be received at this office until noon of July 31 1871 E'or the materials and labor for building foundation and tnerof granite 111 eight feet water and 2ct for materials and labor ter building Dwelling house and TowerZof Light house on ta Point Providence river It I according to plans and specifications to be seen at this office or furnished to bidders on application therefor Tho nghtto reject any or all bids which may be deemed disadvantageous is reserved I WOODRU Lieut uoionel of Engineers Engineer 3d Dist 222 a The speculation rife at the Commencement of the present base ball season Rs to the merits of the 'various nines throughout the country increases as the season progresses and waxes warmer as TUB WEATHER WAXES HOTTER In the beginning of the base ball campaign of 1870 the far famed Red Stocking nine were im measureably superior to any other organization in the country but eventually the meed of victory passed from their grasp He therefore must needs be a clever man who can name the club likely to come out at the end of the present season 1 with the best record so many organizations hav ing come to the front in the interval whose ex ploits surpass those of the then SUPPOSEDLY INVINCIBLE CINCINNATIANS At the commencement of the campaign of the present season in accordance with the tacit under standing which ruled the contest for it up to the close of the1 season of 1870 theiMutual Club of New York flung to the breeze the champion pennant and to day we believe that club stands third in rank unless indeed their defeat yester day by the Olympics of this city involves a lower figure in the degree marks of the CHAMPIONSHIP THERMOMETER A Of our own Blue Stockings we have only to say that no matter how long they may exist as an organization no matter through what vicissL tudes of fortune good or bad they may pass the recollection of the defeat they inflicted on their celebrated opponents yesterday will always be a bright page in the annals of their club to they may turn with pride and pleasure As early as 3 a number of persons were presenton the Olympic grounds? and by 4 the hour stated for the beginning of the game one of the largest crowds that have witnessed a game in this city the present season except perhaps 2 the game between the Red Stockings of Boston with the Olympics' were on the grounds Au un 1 usual number of THE AIR SEX were in attendance The visiting club appeared on the field about 4 M' being conveyed thither by a large coach drawn by six gray steeds The Mutuals presented a fine appearance They are undoubtedly the best made up nine at presentin existence Most of the men are above the usualheight and looked as if they had been under thecare of a skillful Mr Beardsley who has gained a fine reputa tion in this city as an umpire of the national game was selected and preser ved his enviable repute for fairness and The toss was won by the visitors and the Olym pics went to the bat at 4 10 THE GAME 1 red Waterman led off by a hit to Waters andwent out at orce' had the same luck and it looked as If our tboys would gain a blank score for their opening Mills however matte his first by a grounder to right field Allison retired on a fly to Patterson in the right fieldwhq captured it in fine style Side out no runs made On the part of the Mutuals 'Pearce went out at first while Smith made his third base Start ie tired by a fly to short stop which took care of Hatfield went out at first by Mills as sisted by orce gaining a blank score also 1 fl In the second inning ffhe Olympics gained an other blank score through the fine fielding of' the Mutuals The Mutuals in turn scored two runs 'Thus the game continued The playing of orce at short stop and Hall in the center field was very fine Waterman came up to his standard in bat ting but distinguished himself by making three wild throws during the game The fielding of the Mutuals was excellent Although shone forth in all ins glory and made it exceedingly warm for the players they managed to stick it out for nine innings The following is the score in detail XTEW DESIGNS OR PILLOW AN Cases Sheets and Hypocrites at 1006 street 3m SMITH CO vy 1 1 'KzC Az 1 A ort Hiuu Idaho May J2 1871 SEALED PROPOSALS in triplicate will be re ceived until 12 o'clock 'Hiui sday August 10 1 871 for all the lour and Salt at this Post for one year or for sueh less time as the Commissary Gen eral may direct commencing October 1 1871 De tails' and requirements furnished by the under signed a copy the letter with this advertise ment be attached to eachproposal offered 1 NV GEORGE 8 WILSON Lieut 12th infantry and A 4 i AT Olympic TTTA riv riitci mint ihih'm i Glenn 2 Leonard 1 Brainard 1 Hall 4 auiiuuo AO Eggler 2: Patterson Runout Hall bv 'firjrnQnn and Smith Base Put out by Mills 11 Leonard Assisted orce 8 Leonard 4 Put out Start 12: erguson Assisted Pearce 3 Smith 4 urguson 2 Walters 3 Patterson 1 Runs Olympic 9 Mutual 5 Time of Game 2 hours and 25 minutes Umpire Beardsley Arlington Club Mr Allen Ws Now Offer The first of a lot of 13000 Liner Duck and Drill in Sack (warranted shrunk in hot CORNS BAD NAILS And other Diseases of the eetisiiccessfully treated Without pain so the shoe can be worn with ease immediately after the operation at i DR WHITE'S I ROOMS NO 535 ITEENTH STREET Opposite Treasury Washington DC and No 7 North Charles near Baltimore street Baltimore Md Refers to the many eminent Surgeons Physi cians and thousands of other responsible persons Who patronize his establishment mb7 ly TpiNE WATCHES RICH JE UL ELRY SOLID SILVERWARE TABLE CUTLERY SPECTACLES SILVER PLATED GOODS and a variety of other goods on hand and constantly arriving and for sale at as low prices as the same quality ean be bought for at any other city in America All goods warranted At my old stand corner of Pennsylvania avenne and Eleventh street HOOD I my4 tf i TALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL! JL JiOAD Washington December 25t 1870 1 Trains between WASHINGTON AND BALTI MORE and WASHINGTON AND THE WEST are now run as follows vhs: i OR BALTIMORE 1 i Leave dally except Sunday at 6 45 A CO and 9 25 A and 12 45 8W 410 540 and 7 15 i OR ALL WAY STATIONS I Leave dailv except Sunday st 5 45 and 925 A 410 and 745 I OR PRINCIPAL WAV' STATIONS i Bladensburg Beltsville Laurel Annapolis Junc tion and Relay i Leave 1245 3 00 and 745 except that the 30C PM stops at Cut The 5 40 stops at Annapolis Junction find Relay only TJie 745 PM on Sunday stops as during the week OR ANNAPOLIS 1 1 Leave atfi 45 A and 4 10 No train to or from Annapolis on Sunday lie s' ON SUNDAY I OR BALTIMORE a Leave at 800 A and 3005 40 and 745 OR WAY STATIONS I Leave at 800 A and 300 and 745 i OR ALL PARTS THE WEST Leave daily except Saturday and Sunday at 645 A and 3 00 and 7 45 I On Saturdav at 645 A and 745 On Sunday at 3 00 and 7 45 only connect' Ing at Relay Station with trains frwi Baltimore for Wheeling Parkersburg Pittsburg Sus or Strasburg and way points between Wash Ington and Strasburg leave at 300 con necting at Relay House with Winchester and 71 Strasburg accommodation train i Through tlcKetstothe West can be had at the Washington Station Ticket Office at all hours of thedav also at the Office 106 Penn sylvania avenue Passengers purchasing ai the Avenue office can there arrange to have tneir Daggage caueo lor ana cnecKea at tneir rest dence taken to the depot and put Into the baggagecar i or New York Philadelphia and Bostonse advertisem*nt of Line WILSON i i i Master of COLE ii General Ticket Agent GEO 8 KOONTZ mjdB General 'Agent WHshtntrtoi) I ffUUIIMlKY REAL HAIK 1 AND GREAT 1 1M7T AU A pznnsylvania bouts aO TO THE NORTHWEST SOUTH AND1 SOUTHWEST SPRING ARRANGEMENT i (On and after MAY 28 1871 trains will run ae follows Washington 9 25 A Baltimore 12 40 5 40 7 40 PM I 7 45 10 10 THE GREAT DOUBLE TRACK ROUTE With ELEGANT SCENERY Palace State room day and night Cars with modern improvements Two hundred mileaisaved to Western and Can tral New York i Three Daily Express Trains West Two Daily Trams North i Through from Baltimore to ROCHESTER and HTTSBURG without change 1 i Tickets by this route can be at the office corner Sixth street and Pennsylvania ave nue under National Hotel where reliable Infor mation will be given at all times 1 Passengers procuring tickets at this office can secure accommodations in Palace Cars for Elmirs oi Pittsburg i PERCY SMTTH Ticket Agent 1 Sixth st and Pa ave Washington Ol ED YOUNG Passenger Aaent i tf Baltimore aryl and CITY BREVITIES 'j Iouub business is remarkably dult Kifbesbing the shower of last evening 1 Kacb to day at the Piney Branch Course Tub lowans hold a meeting this evening Thb Equity Court was in session for a short time yesterday WashingtonJs well represented at the various watering places Twenny or thirty police officers were transferred yesterday to the various stations A dargb stock of fruit and vegetables of all kinds are now offerea for sale at the markets Sixteenth street was crowded last evening witn fashionable equipages It is the best drive in the city Company of the National Guards gave their first picnic at Analostan Island yesterday It was well attended A Washington lady for the power off this heavy body and become a single drop of condensed coolness AN assistant engineer belonging to the United States steamer Tallapoosa which arrived at the navy yard yesterday was drowned last evening by falling overboard from the steamer Business is brisk this summer at the Ebbitt House The public hall and the sidewalk in front of the hotel are occupied daily bv a large crowd of visitors Washington in fact is about as pleas ant a place to spend the summer as we have any knowledge of Yesterday the thermometer stood ninety two in the shade If gents desire suitable clothing for such extreme warm weather they can be grati fied by calling at th extensive clothing emporium of Messrs Devlin Co 1113 Pennsylvania avenue where the best of summer clothing new in variety and style can always be found The Canal The lock gates washed out at the Tunnel on the 7tli instant have been replaced and the naviga tion of the Chesapeake and Onio Canal was inter rupted a short time only npHROUGII LIKE BETWEEN WASHINGTON' PHILADELPHIA AXD EW YORKa W49WNOTOK 18684 Trains between Washington and New York are now run as follows viz OR NEW YORK without change of i i Leave dally except Sunday at8no A and 12 45 and 9 OR PHILADELPHIA Leave daily except Sunday at 800 A and 12 45 and 5 40 ON SUNDAY i Leave for New York at 9 and Philadelphia at 5 40 Sleeping cars for New Yofk on 9 trah daily i Through tickets to Philadelphia New York or Boston can be had at the Station Office at all hour In the day also at the Office No 406 Pennsylvania avenue Passengers purchasing tickets at the Avenue office can there arrange to have their baggage called for and checked at tneir residence taken to the depot and put in the bag gage car See Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertisem*nt for schedule between Washington Baltimore Annapolis and the West I WIIBON I 1 Master of Transportation COLE 1 i General Ticket Agent U1MJ Agent at Washington PRINTING AND BOOKBINDING 3 ALL KINDS at the CHPOMI nwirinw 511 bln th tel Kiwi to theanannfactu'TflCfBJeANKBQQKBi' snyil OR SALE Two of those fine houses known as the Philadelphia Row situated on Eleventh street southeast the balance of them have been sold Also a fipe opportunity foi Builders Lots or squares will be sold ii desired and deeds of trust on long time taken to secure the purchase money provided buildings be erected thereon without delay or further particulars see plans THOM AS LOWMAN Architect and Manager jel0 3m MC A Building 9th and sts I GERMOND CHANDELL JOE RILEY "CRANDELL RILEY Booksellers and Stationers TAS 1IOULAND CO BRO KEBS and Real Estate Agents 37 BeyentB street between andE streets Washington1 1 4 Negotiable pa of all kinds bought and sbld ii 5s lb zn 1 ntJzxnra fz i WlJWliOIlS 4f4MVW MSVUUIU MA JiplQ fcJ THE DAILY MOBNING WASBINGTON TUERDAYJ JUL 115 187 19 52c Simms Si i rt te 1869 58 88 Geo Casilear Proposals for altering AND REPAIRING THE LIGBTJIOUSE TENDER IRIS 'j1 Treasury Department Office Light house Board Washington June 23 1S7L SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office untill on RIDAY day of July next lor altering and thoroughly re pairing the Eight house Tender IRIS (now at Portland Maine where she may be examined at any time) according to the printed detailed speci fications and plan of the vessel winch will lorm a part of the contract copies of which may be ob tained upon application to the Light house Board atthe offices of the Light house Inspector at Bostonand Portsmouth and also at the Custom Houses at Portsmouth and Ellsworth Maine Bidders are required to state (in submitting their bids) the time within which they will contract for the entire and satisfactory completion of the work according to the terms of the soecilleations' in case of acceptance and to be guaranteed by satis factory security or full details see printed Specifications plan! and the form of bid and guarantee required The right Is reserved to reject any bid or all bids for reasons other than the price that may be named a All blds must be carefully sealed and indorsed? Proposals for altering and repairing fight house tender Iris and then placed in another envelope and addressed for delivery in person or be sent through the mail prepawfta the of the Light house Board Washington city jyl 6t SHUBRICK Chairman Proposal for the con STRUCTION TWO RAME BUILD INGS AT PAWNEE INDIAN AGENCY i SEALED PROPOSALS will be received by Jacob Troth S' Indian Agent until MONDAY iJuIy 10 at Genoa Oand until TUESDAY July 11 12 olclock at Columbus Nebraska for the carpenter work on two frame buildings one of which is to be 32x40 feet two stories and gar ret with kitchen back 16x18 feet one and one half stories containing in both parts sixteen rooms in all to have a porch in front The other building1 will prqbably be about 20x50 feet one and one half stories containing seven rooms Plans and specifications can be seen at any time after July 1st at 8M office Omaha: or at Columbus Neb Bids win also be received for the plhsMTlnH and mason work at the same time and places Thez bids for the above contracts mustbe for each building separately and the parties must be pres ent to give bonds for the faithful fulfillment of contracts The buildings must be completed on or before the 30th of September 1871 The subscriber reserves the privilege to reject any or ail bids Bidders must give tbelr names in full as well as their places of residence Proposals must be indorsed for the Construction of Houses at Pawnee JAco*kM 8 Indian Agent I 1 CIRCULATING LIBRARY (The following New Books have recently been added: Did HA Not Wister Victory of the Vanquished! Charles Alcott Ola aishoned Boy ai quhaison 1 We Whitney Silent Phelps Baroness Tantphoens (un Better than Physic Dr Hall I Je27 tt I 8TRAMER ARROW leaves EVERY MORN 1 ING Rt 10 frnnr her wharf foot Of street to MOUNT VKKNON and MAKSHXjU AL Juv stopping at all the mtenneajate uujamgs nujMK ana coming 7 or freight or passage apply on board to Captain THOMAS I General Superintendent WUlardJsHoCel Washington June 26 1871 i SPECIAL NOTICE MinuniTT MALI Is now otien fnr rtbe receo tion of Excursionists and Picnic Parties who may desire to pass a delightful day at this elegant ana beautifulretreat We offer such inducements worthy of consider 4 tion1 having large and extensive grounds with magnificent Pavilion for dancing splendid DJnlng ii room with all its appointments together withtt BWiugs vrvqueu uruunus bikiwii sAuauoijna and all else to make it what it should be The steamer ARROW can be chartered kt any time to excursionists desiring to avalKfiMn selves of the pleasures relative to thia beautiiui place i or information and terms of charter please apply to Captain Thomas Stackpole steamer Ar row toot of Seventh street je27 tt General Superintendent Yokes and sleeves 121 cts Sleeves 10 cents at 1009 street 3m JJ BAZAR Ko 441 Seventh at PARASOL HEADQUARTERS Latent Novelties in Pongee Silk and Alpaca Parasols and Sun Umbrellas Best Double Button Kid Gloves $2 i' Best Jouvin Kid Gloves 81 k5 Best rench Corsets 75 cents Best Iron frame Hase three pairs $1 Best Hubert Jouvin Kids the best in the mar ull Line of ancy Goods A mh29 YOUNG BEHREND 500 Linen Coats rpRY THE NEW AND UNSUR JL PASSED Laundry Blueing at PRINCE'S 009 street apI3 3m The Maryland Republican Association ot this city held their semi annual meeting last evening at Union League Hall and elected the foilowing named gentlemen as officers for the coming polit ical campaign in Maryland: President William Gibson recording secretary Mat tingly assistant secretary Rohrer corre sponding secretary arquar treasurer EL Brian sergeant at arms John Robinson The election of vice presidents and the appoint ment of the standing committees was postponed until the" next meeting which is to beheld at Union League Hall on the first Monday evening in August It was also voted that at the next meet ing this association should elect four delegates to the State convention which meets in Baltimore on the ICth of September and one member to repre sent the association on the State Central Commit tee Hoard of Public Works An Advisory Board of Engineers Ver inont A venue A meeting of the Board of Public Works was held yesterday at which an advisory Board of En gineers was appointed consisting of General Hum phreys Chief of the Engineer Corps United States army General Babco*ck Commissioner of Public Buildings and Grounds General Meigs Quartermaster General United States armv and Geneial Olmstead Chief Engineer of the New York Central Park To this Board will be submit ted the entire plan of improvements contemplated by the Boardof Public Works including the draw ings already prepared for the paving grading sewerage of the city with the estimates for the same and none of the work will be entered upon until approved by them VERMONT AVBNUE IMPROVEMENT In reply to a communication received General Meigs Judge Wylie and other property owners on Vermont avenue in relation to the pro posed improvement of that avenue the Board di rected the Secretary to inform them that it was the intention to park it In the center from Scott square to the Boundary and lay a carriageway thirty feet wide on each side After the transaction of some routine business the Boai adjourned lflecntb Street Presbyterian Chureb A meeting of the members of the ifteenth Street Presbyterian Church was held last evening for the purpose of receiving reports from the sev eral members appointed to solicit contributions to be appropriated in remodeling and refitting their church Professor Wilson opened the meeting with prayer after which Miss Jennie leet a pro ficient teacher in one of our public schools and secretary of the charitable or mite association connected with the church rendered a report of the proceedings of their last meeting which was approved Mrs Kecly president of the' association pre ided over the proceedings with dignity and parlia mentary precision Professor Wilson stated that when the idea of remodeling and refitting the chureh was first sug i gested several members entertained the opinion that the project would not be successful and that they would not be able to raise two hundred dol lars for this purpose in two ears He was now happy to say thaf not only had they been success ful in raising two hundred dollars but two thou sand dollars had been collected and pledged and all in little lesihan two months since the matter as first suggested He stated that he in conjunction with other members of the building committee had coin me need this project 'With' the determination to consummate it1 how well they had succeeded the amount of contribution must answer They in tended not only to remodel and refit the but make ft edifice in which to worship (hat no congregation either white or colored in the land ought to Be ashamed of He commended those members who had 6x hlbited so much zeal and perseverance in the ae complishment of thls desirable enterprise He also appekjed 'tothe ladies not to cease in their efforts because labors were crowned with success but: to continue in their good work At the close of Ms remarks he introduced Pro lessor Sampson of North Carolina who made an eloquent stirring appeal In the course of his remarks he said that there was a' time when colored people were not permitted in many sections of the country to worship God un 1 molested 'and according to the dictates of their own consciences but he thanked God that the time had now come when they had a constitutional right to enjoy these god given privileges as other men In tluise communities where law and order prevailed He congratulated tie members of the tlle success attending their efforts 01 finest and most elo lt ever our lot to listen to of Jd'uKa festival in the basem*nt to whe? it wm decided pose 01 mlktog tfeSLSS ter the pur ef ice cream NORTH GERMAN i STEAM BETWEEN 4 11 BALTIMORE AND BREMEN VIA SOUthAMBTON The Screw Steamers of theNorth German Lloyd of 2 500 tons and 700 horse power will run regu larly between BALTIMORE and BEEMAN (sAlt Ksi mfr 1 'T myl3 tf CORNER EIGHTH STREET 1 A AIR REERENCE DENIED IJ'O WHOM IT MAY CONCERN CORPORATION DEEDS will be issued for the Property herein described unless said Property is redeemed onr before the 18th dav of Juiv urn I I LE GEORGE BEALL 16 16 innings' 1 1 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Rock Island III' June 13 1871 SEALED PROPOSALS in duplicate will be re ceived by the undersigned at the United States Office in the city of Rock Island 111 until 12 of July 14 1871 for removing snags and boulders from the Cfiannel of the Minnesota river between Mankato and the mouth of the Yellow Medicine River and at any other point the engineer in charge may direct The proposals in duplicate will specify the price of removal per snag of the following diameters above the root 1 Between 4 sec and 20 sec 2 Between 20 sec and 30 sec 3 Between 30 sec and 36 sec 4 Between 36 sec and 42 sec 5 Between 42 sec and 48 sec and the price per cubic yard for removing boulders wlncli prices will be considered as including the expense of fur nishing all the boats machinery and labor neces sary for doing the work it being understood that the Oorernment mil be responsible Jor nothing more thanthe price for removing snags and bould ers that may be agreed upon 1 Snags and boiilders must be destroyed and placed wherever the inspector in charge on the part of the Government may direct Each bid must contain a written or printed guarantee signed by two responsible persons and certified to by some United States Govern ment officer or oilier responsible person known tothisoffice Amount appropriated for this work is 810000 and the work will be left entire Blank forms for proposals will be furnished upon application at tins office Parties proposing must be ready to commence work under their contract on 20th day of July 1871 the stage of water permitting or as soon thereafter as the engineer in charge may direct A printed copy of this notice must be attached to each bid llie Government reserves the right to reject any and all bids Proposals must be addressed to the undersigned and should lie indorsed for the Im provement the Minnesota JOHN MACOMB' Colonel of Engineers A General Supertn dent Improvement of Minnesota River 6t PROPOSALS OR UEL Office Chief quartermaster' irst quartermaster's District New Iokk City June 10 1871 SEALED PROPOSALS iu duplicate with a copy of this advertisem*nt attached to each are invited and will be received at this office until 12 July 17 prox for supplying this Department with the following quantities of uel more or less VIZ: ort Columbus 680000 lbs Stove aud 2 641 800 lbs Egg Coal ort Wood 225 OoO lbs Stove and 900800 lbs Egg 1 1 ort Hamilton 1249000 lbs Stove 400 COO lbs Egg and3000001bs Nut Coat ort Wadsworth 500 000 lbs Stove 60000 lbs Nut and 145140 lbs Coal Island 939000 lbs Nut and 2 830000 lbs EggCoaL 0 The Coal is to be delivered the yards or places provided for its reception at the respective posts and the trimming must be done by the contractors Deliveries must be made at such times and in such quantities as may be required bythe Quarter Department Payment will be made in New York city accord ing tu the weight or measurement certified to by lie quartermasters at the place of delivery No bid will be entertained from any party who has heretofore withdrawn or Ailed to fulfill hiscontract Blank forms of Proposals must be procured at this office Each bid must be accompanied bv a guarantee signed by two responsible persons that in case tiie bid is accepted and a contract entered into he will become sureties 111 a sum equal to one fourth the amount of lie contract for the faithful execu tion of the same The responsibility of the guarantors must be certified to by a United fetates District Attorney pr Judge No bid will be entertained that is not made in acoordance with this advertisem*nt1 and bidders will have tiie privilege of being present at the opening of the bids1 11" Bids may be made aud wlll jie entertained tor one or more of the Posts The Government reserves the right to reject any or all bids regarded as disadvantageous to the De partment or to accept such portion of any bld not less than for one Post that may be deemed ot advantage to the public interest Proposals must be indorsed Proposals Mr and addressed tothe undersigned to whom application should be made for other information By order of Brevet MajorGenend Rufus lngalls Colonel and Assistant Quartermaster General i BATCHELDER' jeI7r6t Major dud QuarteruiasterQ I :7 A Artistic Printing The Chronicle Job Office is stocked with types of the latest designs and turns out work of all descriptions in first class style i 1 1 i ALEXANDRIA ji rom the Gazette of last evening 1 A collection was taken up last night in the Baptist church near the Tunnel for the ((purpose of employing counsel to prosecute theparties now in jail charged with murdering the man Silas Johnson Mr John Bloxham the proprietor of stage line has received Information that the two horses stolen from him last week have been re covered The stage changes horses at German above airfax Court House and the horseswere stolen from there soon after their gear was jtakenoff I Travel on the ferry boats has been very good fto day a great many people taking advantage of them tor the short trip down the river aud back which Is very refreshing especially when tiiethermojngtgj: mp the nineties as is the casetq (day i One of the most apparent effects of the prevail llng is the attendance at Ithe churches and yesterday though the were all excellent the number of hearers was few In Christ Church Bev Dr Sparrow preached In the morning and Rev Benj Reed at night the Sulbit of the Baptist Church was occupied by Rev William Jones morning and night Rev Gilmer son of the late Governor preached at irst Presbyterian Church morning and 'night and Rev Alpheus' Wilson at the ICburch South at night The pulpits of the other Jchurches were filled by the resident clergy i The weather yesterday was very warm and streets in consequence presented a de serted appearance and the churches were at tended by small In the evening a (cloud aroseiin the west and there was tor a timeevery indication of a storm but after a short ithough violent squall and its attendant dust thesky cleared away again The Bethel meeting at I the toot of King street attracted many attendants the services being conducted by Herbert (assisted by Massey and Charles Whittlesey The open air meeting later in the day at the fn tersection ot King and St Asaph streets also (under the auspices ot the Young Christian Association was likewise well attended and was addressed byW Herbert and Sheriff A disturbance was created at the public garden 1 on It orth Washington street by some young men Washington and tiie offenders were taken to the station house The neighborhood of the bridge pump wm the scene mueh disorder sdunng the day the Sunday law being disregarded 'with impunity jr LOCAX VOUBT8 iR' Circuit Justice This court yesterday was engaged with the following cas Schneider vs ku*msey Harvey Clark'' Given vs Kaiser: Johnson Noale vs Coburn Arban Milligan Smith vs Grant and uich vs erguson judgment by default United States vs Lammond et al motion to quash writ beard and overruled Shoemaker vs Paul mo tiontoset Mide order requring appellant to'give bond overruled'Bradley' vs Sykes judgment 4 ordered for $300' Chad wick vs Sykes motion for new trial overruled Mr Merrick appealed the appeal bond was fixed at $7000 Grander Woodward vs Burr Burr judgment by default' on motion of Webb Burk Herbert vs' Davidson judgment by default on motion of Mr 5 (Philips 1 Pollard vs Lyon motion for a new trial overruled United States ex rel Work vs Bout well respondent allowed until the 25th day ofJuly 1871 to answer and an answer being filedmatter to be certified to be heard in the first in instance by the Court in General Term Buffiri'vs AyTe motion for new trial overruled and ap peal bond fixed at $500 Johnson vs Harvey reference withdrawn and judgment confessedwith stay Of executions lor sixty days Spencer vs Board Registration and Edson vs Superin tendent of motion certified to the Court in General Term this is the woman's right case Mrs Spencer by her attorney Mr A Riddle brings suit against the Boardof Registration for refusing to allow' her to register Mrs Edson feels grieved at not beiVS allowed to vote and accord brings suit I POLICE COURT Nne A large number of persons were arraigned beftre this court yes teroay and fined for various minor offenses 4 I 'H' JOTICE TO CONTRACTORSJlH United States Office 1 No 445 West Jefferson street LOUisviLLB Kt June 22 1871 SEALED PROPOSALS In duplicate will be re ceived at this office until 12 on SATURDAY July 22 1871 for excavating the ledge of rocks In side of the apron dam at the head of the Louisville and Portland Canal and completing the dam across the river The usual conditions will be observed The right is reserved to reject any or all blds All informa tion can be obtained by personal application at this office Proposals must be inclosed In a sealed envelope and Indorsed Proposals for Excavation inside of Apron Dam and addressed to Je27 6tC Major Qt Eneers i Yeas Messrs Brown Burgess Cassln Cox Davis Dickson Hall Hogan Uoyd McKnight Moore Solomons and the Speaker 13 Messrs Boswell Bursley Handy Hark ness and Hunt 5 f' Clerk read a measage from the Governor announcing his approval of the improvement bill also a message from the Governor accompanying a communication from the Intendant of the Wash ington Asylum iu relation to the lack of accom modations at that institution for the accommoda tion of insane paupers and recommending the adoption of legislation to remedy the delect Also a communication from the Collector Mr William Slater transmitting a statement of the receipts ana disbursem*nts of the office of the Corporation of WMhington for the fiscal year ending June 30 1871 as follows receipts To amount received for general taxes including arrears pump and gas taxes advertising aud 1 commission on adver rising 46 Less commis sion for July Augistand September I 67 79 To amount received for special taxes $111570 73 Less commis sion for July August and September 1 224 71 To amountrecelved for water taxes To amount received for licenses to June 1 1871: To amount received for' redemptions from tax sales To amount received for permits to June 1 1871 To amount received for surplus fund To amount received for seven thirty bond fund To amount received for Metropolitan Police fund To amount received for licenses in June 1871 To amount received for permits in June 1871 tionaj Bank to credit of Wm Dis 1 2698 69 Drowned Last evening at 710 a lad namad John Hartnett aged about six years was drowned at the Tenth street wharf Tbe boy had been bath ing and ventured in water too deep for him The body was soon recovered and the coroner notified to hold an iiuiuest this morning Land Damages Reports of commissioners to assess land dam ages along the line of the Alexandria and red ericksburg Railroad affixing a compensation of $207 to Miller $1218 to Emerson and f21i) to Hannah Burke were filed yesterday and the amount of damages deposited Sail Boat Upset During the high wind which prevailed Sunday for a short time a sail boat containing several persons was capsized near the mouth of Broad Creek on the Maryland side of the Potomac The persons in the boat were good swimmers and nobody was hurt 'The Wawaset and a sail boat went to their assistance but it was not needed COUNCIL Monday July 10 The Council assembled at the usual hour Presi dent Stickney in the chair Council bill to continue in office tne present Dis trict officers until further provision can be made by law was read a second time and referred to the Judiciary Committee Mr Browne offered a bill appropriating $2000 for the repair of Chain Bridge which was laid over under the rules Bill for the construction of a sewer on ifth street east was referred to the Committee of Pub lic Works Mr Browne presented a communication from Mr Albert Dowell resigning the engrossing clerkship of the Council which was accepted The act in relation to intelligence offices was read a third time and passed At 4 30 the Council adjournec HOUSE DELEGATES The House convened at 3 03 all the Republican members except Mr Cox present and all the Democrats except Mr Hogan absent Praver was offered by Mr John Jchnson A message was received from the Council an nouncing the passage of the blil granting a special license to Simon Caro The bill of Sir Bursley to authorize the Gov ernor to appoint to office citizens of the District without regard to sex being the unfinished busi ness of riday came up The question was unon the refereuce of the bill to some committee under the rules Mr Moore objected to the second reading of the bill so as to bring the question to a direct vote The Speaker said that the question upon the second reading was not before the House: the question was to what committee the bill should be referred Mr Moore said that the Speaker knew him well enough to know that he always maintained what he asserted To object to the second reading would bring the bill to a direct vote according to Digest from which he read Under the rules of this House a bill could not pass except upon three readings but it could be rejected at anytime After some debate between Messrs Davis and Bursley the motion was lost by the following vote Messrs Boswell Brown Bursley Camp bed Carroll Hall McKnight and the Speaker 8 Nays Burgess Cassin Cox Davis Dickson Hogan Lloyd Moore Murray and Solomons 10 Mr Campbell moved that the bill be referred to the Committee on District offices Mr Davis moved that it be laid upon the table The yeas and nays were demanded upon the resolution of Mr Davis and recorded as follows: Messrs Burgess Cassin Cox Davis Dickson Hogan Lloyd Moore Murray and Sol oinousVlO Messrs Boswell Campbell Car roll Hall McKnight and the 7j jl BILLS INTRODUCED Mr Hall introduced a bill to provide for' the laying of a sewer in Turner street between and Referred to the Committee ou Drainage Also a bill to provide for the grading and pav ing of the alley in square No 365 Referred to the Committee on Public Works Mr Campbell Introduced a bill to'repeal the act of the City Council requiring barber shops to be closed on Sundays Referred to the Committee of Ways and Means Mr Moore submitted a resolution requesting tbe Secretary of the District to inform the House whether the Board of Public Works: had filed in his office any contracts for work on public im provements and if so that copies thereof be fur nished to the House Mr McKnight moved that the resolution be laid upon the table 10 to 4 Mr McKnight introduced a bill to authorize the Governor to appoint a Register of Births and Deaths who shall give bonds in the sum of $2000 and hold his office four years unless sooner re moved for cause All births and deaths occurring in the District shall be reported to the Register within thirty days under a penalty of not less than five dollars nor more than twenty dollars and for each registration and copy of a registrar tion the Register is to receive a fee ot fifty cents Referred to the Committee on Health RENEWAL THE RAILROAD WAR Mr Boswell introduced a bill to repeal the act of the City Council authorizing the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 'Company to locate a passenger depot on Sixth street Referred to the Committee on Railroads ANOTHER EORT OB Also a bill authorizing the Governor to appoint citizens of the District without distinction on ac count of color or sex to the offices ot Superintend ent and Trustee of Public Schools Physician to the Washington Asylum Clerk to the Governor and Trustee of the Corcoran Art Gallery Mr Moore moved to lay the bill on the table Mr Cassin seconded the motion The motion was lost Moore moved that the bill be referred to Committee on the Judiciary Mr Bursley moved that it be referred to aspecial committee I Mr Davis ralsed the point of order that the bill was substautia'ly the same as that just rejected and could not be introduced Mr Bursley said that he had supposed that the gentleman (Mr Davis) did not understand what he was voting upon nowbe knew it The gen tleman must have been iu the same contusion when he reported that the organic act prevented the Legislature from granting the right of suffrage to women ITlie Speaker overruled the point of order (Mr Solomons asked tbe introducer to explain the object of the bill Mr Boswell said it was to enable ladies to secure the same pay as gentlemen for the same work The bib was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary by a yea and nay vote as follows Messis Burgess Cassin Cox Davis Dickson Harkness Hogan Moore Murray and 10 1 Messrs Boswell Bursley Carroll Hall Handy Hunt McKnight and tbe I Mr Bursley introduced a bill to authorize the Governor to appoint citizens of the District with out distinction on account of sex to any office which may become vacant by the death or resigna tion of the incumbent provided that the bill shall not apply to vacancies otherwise created Mr Bursley moved that the bill be referred to a special committee Mr Moore moved its reference to the Committee 1 on the Judiciary Mr Moore's motion prevailed by the following i vote: 1 Yeas Messrs Burgess Cassin Cox 'Davis I Dickson Harkness Hogan Moore Murray and Solomons 10 A v4 Messrs Boswell Bursley Carroll Hall Handy Hunt McKnight and the Speaker 9 Mr Davis introduced a bill to provide that none but residents of the District shall pursue the vo cation of a real estate agent therein that parties desiring to engage in such vocation shall take out a license for which the sum of 850 shall be paid and which shall run for twelve months andex i pi re at the end of each calendar year provided that licenses granted before the expiration of the present calendar year shall be charged in propor tion to the time which they shall run aud that those thereafter issued shall be charged for the full term Referred to the Committee on the Police THE EASTERN MARKET Mr Carroll from the special on the site of the proposed Eastern Market reported a bill authorizing the Governor to purchase a 1 portion of square No i 872 described as follows: Commencing at the southeast cor ner of said square on Seventh street east thence west along the line of street south 280 feet 4J inches thence north in a line parallel with Seventh street east 194 feet 11 inches to North Carolina avenue thence along the line of said avenue in an easterly direction to the north east corner of said square 316 feet thence south along the line of Seventh street 340 feet 10 inches to the place of beginning making 75 105 feet pro vided that no more than forty cents per foot shall be paid for said land Upon the purchase of said land the Governor is to cause plans and specifica tions to be prepared for the building ot a market house of such materials and dimensions as may be deemed most desirable for the location and upon his approval of a plan he is to advertise for pro posals for all the work and materials necessary to carry such plan into effect and to award the con tracts to the lowest responsible bidder upon their giving good and sufficient security for the faithful performance of the contract upon which no pay ment shall be made in excess of eighty per cent of the amount of the actual work done until eiitirework shall have been completed and ac cepted Referred to the Committee on Markets antj br deked to be printed Mr Hunt from the Committee on the Police reported the bill to prescribe the distance to be maintained between carts when in motion with an amendment providing that no vehicle or ani mal shall be driven past any market on market days or around any corner at a pace faster than a brisk walk The amendments Were adopted and' the bill read a third time and 8 to 6 less than a ma jorlty of all the members elected voting in the affirmative Mr Boswell moved that the vote by which the bin was rejected be reconsidered and the bill re committed Adopted 1 THE HACK LAW r1 Mr Solomons from the Committee of Ways and Means reported'Athe bill in relation to public hacks with amendments which do not materially alter the original bill' except in that they author ize police officers upon their beats to settle dis putee Which may arise between driver and pas senger when the latter declines to go to a station house to secure a settlement i Read a secondtime and ordered to be printed A message from the Council announced the pas sage of the bill in relation to intelligence offices with certain amendments 14 I 'll to THE CIVIL SERVICE APPROPRIATION BILL Mr Dickson from the Committee on Appro priations reported the bill making an approprta tion for the payment of the members ana officers oi the Legislature and the officers of the Districtwith an amendment striking out all after the enacting clause and Inserting an appropriation of $6 550 21 chargeable in every case to the respec tive funds to' which each payment may belong $11 160 to pay the members officers? and employes of the Legislative Assembly out of the general fund $5718 75 for the officers of the District in "Washington' $5z2 50 for the officers of the District in Georgetown $425 for the officers of the District in the county $5 200 for the officers and members nt the ire Department in Washington and the ire Alarm Telegraph $400 for the officers and members of the ire Department in Georgetown $15171 27 for the Poliee force $2102 69 for the clerks and messengers at the'bffice ot the Gover nor and the Secretary and the watchmen at the building occupied by the "District government $L800 lor the officers and employes of the Council $300 for the messengers and watchmen at the City $300 tor the clerks in the office $450 fox the clerks in the Water office $1000 for medicine furnished to paupers and $12000 for ward contractors and laborers em ployed on public works and providing that theact shall take effect immediately Read a second time and ordered to be printed CODIfCATION or THE I Tfie bill authorizing the appointment of 'a com to codify thtMaws being special order was taken from the table the Council amendments adopted and the bill 'read a third time Boswelbmoved to refer the bin to the Com mittee on the Judiciary 4 to 15 1 Mr Boswell moved that tbe laid upon the table 4 to 13 Mr Cassin moved the previ ous qnestlon Mr Boswell mdved td 5 to 12 The previous question was 14 to 3 Mr feoswell moved to adjourn 6 to 11 MrTBoswefl moved to lay the bi'I on the table SoU The bill put upon its Pmge bouthampton as follows: 1 rour Bremen rom Baltimore May 24 June21 BERLIN: June 7 July 5" BALTIMORE June 21 July 195 LEIPZIG July 5 4 An And henceforth from each side every alternate Wednesday Price or Passage Baltimore to Bremen London Havre and Southampton Cabin $100 $30 rom Bremen to Cabin $100 Steerage $40 lent1068 1assa8e in gold or its equlya They touch Southampton both going and re turning 1 These vessels take freight to London Hull Ham burg Antwerp Rotterdam and Amsterdam for which through bills of lading are signed An experienced Surgeon is attached to each vessel All letters must pass through the Post office No bills of lading but those of the company will be signed Bills of lading will positively not be deliv ered before goods are cleared at the Custom house or freight or passage apply to A SCHUMACHER CO 1 No 9 South Charles street Agent for 1 CHARLES WALTER No 342 street opposite City HallAlso Bills ot Exchange on the' principal places in Europe je5 tf TYNITED STATES MAIL TO NOR OLK 'D Steamer LADY THE IAKE: connecting bi orfolk with the steamers of the and Transportation Company for Boston after MONDAY May 1 the steamerAPY9 THE lAKK carrying the United Mail will leave her wharf foot of Seventh MONDAY WEDNESDAY and RID AY at 4 for Norfolk Returning' i TUESDAY THURSDAY and TURDAY at 4 stopping at Alexandria Piney Point Pain 4 Lookout and ortress ot freight or passage apply on board or to Norfolk Eldridge co Alexandria Va Water Georgetown DCorto 8 BROWN SON I 4 General Agents ifteenth st and New York ave 4fVJ omo teceived at Seventh street wharf after 3 80 irst class fare to Norfolk $4rXd Secoad cla33 Pacific Mail Steamship THROUGH LINE TO CALIORNIA CHINA 4 AND JAPAN 1 'Carrying the United States Mail via Panama Raff I road ARES GREATLY REDUCED 1 Steamers leave Pier No 42 North Riverfoot of I Canal street at 12 noon on the 15th and SOth texcept when these days fall on Sunday then the day previous con 'necting with COLORADO Captain Parker All departures connect at Panama with steamers for South Pacific and Central American ports: of the 15th touches at Kingston Ja maica orJapan and China steamer CHINA leaving San raneisco July 1 1871 or freight or passage tickets and all other In formation apply at the office on thb wharf foot of Canal street North river New York i de8 BABY Agent Subdivision of Lot number 44 Old Georgetown 40 feet east side Market space 41 feet north side Cherry street 41 feet south side canal Tmnmved Subdivision of lot 1869 number 79 Beall's addition 30 feet north side Dunbarton street 120 feet deep Improved Subdivision of lot number 41 Old Georgetown 27 feet west side Market space 29 feet deep Im Droved 4 Subdivision of lot number 106 addition 20 feet east side Montgomery street 60 feet deep Lot number 23 Lee and Oasenoves addition 28 6 feet west side Montgomery street 120 feet east line 110 feet west line Lots number 12 Deaklns Lee and addition 100 feet east side Mont gomery street depth unknown Subdivision of lot number 129 addition 30 feet north side Dunbarton street 117 feet to alley Improved Subdivision of lot number 140 addition 60 feet south side Dunbarton street 50 feet deep Improved Subdivision of lot number 139 addition 20 feet south side Dunbarton street 80 feet doep Subdivision of lot number 129 addition 25 feet north side Dunbartou street 177 feet deep to alley Improved Subdivision of lot number 16 Old Georgetown 29 feet north side Bridge str eet120 feet deep Im proved Lots not num bered addition east sidebounaed by Montgomery street 451 feet south side by the teumimyiaf the lots cfHafcldart street feet and of Lydia Whit ail and on the north by the grounds of Oak Hill Cemetery Improved Lot number 27 and subdivision of lot number 26 Beall's addition and lot not num bered 111 Dea kins Lee and ad dition 158 feet west side Wash ington street120 feet south side of the canal Improved Lot number 28 Peter Beatty Therlkeld and addi tion 60 feet north side Bridge street 120 feet deep Lot not number ed addition 2756 12 feet south side Gay street 120 feet deep Im proved Subdivision of lot number 112 Old Georgetown 24 feet north side Bndgestreet123 feet deep to al ley Improved Lot not number ed addition 30 feet east side Monroe street depth un known Im proved Subdivision of lot number 38 Pe ter Beatty Therlkeld and addi tion 15 feet east side Warren street 12u feet deep Improved Lot number 39 Peter Beatty Therlkeld and addi tion 60 feet east side Warren street 120 feet south side Pros pect street Im proved Subdivision of lot number 47 Old Georgetown 60 feet west side High street 175 feet deep Im proved Subdivision of lot number 197 Therlkeld 's ad dition 30 feet north side Sixth street 120 feet deep number 204 Beattyand Haw addition 60 feet west side High street 94 feet north side ifth street Im proved Lot number 9 Beattyand Haw addition 50 feet north side ourth street 100 feet west side r'deiick street Subdivlsionoflot number 17 Old Geoigetown 18 feet south side Prospect street 120 feet deep Improved Lot number 200 Beattyand Haw addition 70 feet south side ifth street 150 leet east side Market street Lot number 22 Beattyand Haw amended addition 50 feet south side Sixth street 100 feet jvest side red eiick street Lot number 23 Beattyand Haw amended addition 50 feet south side Sixth street 100 feet deep Lot number 24 Beattyand Haw amended addition 50 feet south side Sixth street 100 feet deep Lot number 21 Beattyand Haw kins' amended addition 50 feet west side red erick street 150 feet deep Lot number 227 Beattyand Haw addition 75 feet east side rederick street 96 feet deep Subdivision of lot number 111112 addition 46 feet south side Beau street 61 feet deep Subdivision of lot number 111 addition 41 feet east side Washington street 44 feet deep Lot not number ed addition 23 feet east side Monroe street depth un known Subdivision of lot number 13 Beat tyand addition 21 11 12 east side' High street 130 feet deep Improved Subdivision of lots number 127 128 Beatty and addi tion 22 feet west stdeHigh street depth unknown Improved jyll 'PROPOSALS OR THE IMPROVE MENT BOSTON HARBOR MASS United States Engineer OrncB 5 Boston Mass June 22 18D PROPOSALS will be received at this office until 3 on SATURDAY the 22d day ot July next for extending the seawalis on and Allerton and for dredging on the in Boston Harbor The wall on Long is to be extended 400 lineal feet more or less and that on 200 lineal feet more or less and they both are to be built of granite and concrete laid in hydraulic cement upon a concrete foundation in the same manner and ot the same dimensions as the walls already finished The granite must be as good in quality as that heretofore furnished the eement and other materials of the best qual ity the concrete of satisfactory proportions tn its component carts and the workmanship and ma terials must be in accordance with the drawings and the whole to the satisfaction of the United States Engineer in ebarge of the work Separate bids must be made for each Sea wall and must be tor ail the five following items viz: 1 or Wan (granite facing and coping) fin per running foot 1 Concrete for foundation and per cubic yard lagging per superficial yard 4 Excavation for foundation per cubic yard 5 Back filling per cubic yard "It is to be understood that each of the above five items includes the materials andwork manship required for the completion thereof tbe use of machinery carts and all other ex pe uses whatsoever incident thereto as well as a i general and faithful supervision of the same As all the rail tracks connecting the wharves 1 with the walls quarters wells sand pits stables tbe wharf also at Long island have been constructed and built by tiie former contractors at their own expense the contractors I for the sea walks will be required to purchase such private property or else the right to use the same on such terms as may be determined by three dis interested persons one of whom shall be the en gineer in charge or such person as he may desig nate Separate proposals will be received for dredg ing a channel through the Middle so as to obtain a depth of 23 feet at mean low water 50 000 cubic yards more or less of dredging wiU be required and the material excavated is to be deposited in such locality as the engineer in chargemay the distance not to exceed three 1 miles AD the: work must be commenced not later than the loth of August next the sea walls to be com 1 pleted on or before the 30tb of November next and the dredging on or before the 30th of June 1872 Plans ana drawings showing the site and char acter of the works wiil be open to inspection In this office The undersigned reserves the right to reject all bids which in nls opinion are not favorable to the Government also the bid of any person who in his belief will not faithfully and promptly perform the contract I Payments will "be made monthly and 20 per cent will be reserved therefrom until each work Is completed and be forfeited in the event of the non lulfiDment of the contract in the time and manner required Persons desiring to make proposals are requested to call at this office in No 2 Bulhnch street forporms of same and for more definite information if desired andon transmitting their bids (which must be in duplicate) they will indorse thereon for Sea wall at Long Island or Point or Dredging the Upper Mid dle as the case may be GEO THOM Lt Goh of Engineers Bt Bug Gen A je23 6t PROPOSALS OR STATIONERY? Office Depot Quartermaster Jeffersonville Ind Juno 26 1871 SEALED PROPOSALS in duplicate are vited and will be received at this office until 12 of RIDAY July 23 1871 for supplying the Department of the South and this Depot with Stationery required during the year ending June 30 1872 ull descriptions of the articles of Stationery re quired will be furnished on application to this this office Samples of the Stationery bid for must be deposited in this office and thedelivery to con form in all particulars to samples furnished i Delivery to be at this depot at such times and in Such quantities as may be directed by the officer tn charge Each bid to be accompanied by a guarantee of two responsible persons that in case of award of contract a good and sufficient bond will be given fnr thg f4itflifjl nf thA I Bids must be distinctly indorsed Proposals Jor and addressed to the undersigned ine nguL rejeev any ami an uius is reserved cy oruer 01 me quartermaster uenerai HOYT IJyl 6t Depot Quartermaster PROPOSALS OR DREDGING United States Engineer Office 1 Baltimore Md ayette street near Charles Third Story Union Bank Building June 3'i 1871 PROPOSALS are invited for additional dredging in the channels below ort Carroll leading to this City as follows: In the channel known as the Breioerton Channel 100 000 cubic yards i An iiie ciiannei Known as tnannei lieu clinic varus Bids to be separate for each channel Blds for lalf the above amounts or for quantities not Jess pan 10 000 yards will be considered The work leed not be entirelv completed 1871 tintmiv run over into 1872 IhA tiflA riepQ thmir nno fnnr nnd Hon huif nf haul of material avoracrM ahmit turn miles Proposals will state kind of machinery to be used average quantity of cubic yards to be re moved dailv nrifA nprciihin vnrfl indnrlinnr atm' Ration removal and deposit Material to be jneasured in dumping scows iun AlUpvtxiAS LUUu oCtilcU 2ulU Hi UUpoLCdUit on outside accomfiauied by a copy ot this adver tisem*nt will be received until noon ofthe 31st day at July 1871 and will be opened in five minutes lereairer 111 presence or sucn bitniers as may ish to be present 3 he right to reiect anv bul is reserved orms of proposals and anv desired information to be had ou application at this office i WIIaBiAItL vlt Alv HLJjL jyl 6t Major Engineers A TNlflALS STAMPED AD ELE JL GANTLY Embroidered at 1009 i apl3 3m IMMENSE REDUCTION IN PRICES of Stamped low as NewYorit wholesale prices at PRINCE WOO street apiuIU ftACQUE AND JOSEY TRIM MINGS ready Pinked at PRINCE'S 1009 street 3m' GO TO JU JEWELRY STORE Twelfth aud streets for HAIR JEWELRY and work of every descrip tion Work executed in style and prices mode rate je5 tl 'THE INKLE £LY0N IMPROVED JL SEWING la simple and durabieJ easy tooperail and rec lines no change or tent ion iauouing frtrtB thick to thin fabrics it has a'self setting needle a Boldonmonthly in 28 88 Casilear hX iWi'l IN GOLD AND SILVER a tbe Qhroalcle J9b rintM GSa Li JT I Ji i a Mr rftk 1 lw i tf 4 1 bWf I hi UH i 1 El IS I 'i I.

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