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Living with diabetes requires extra attention to foot health, as people with diabetes are more susceptible to foot-related issues. The right pair of diabetic slippers can make a big difference in preventing complications (diabetic neuropathy) and providing the comfort needed for daily activities. Whether you're seeking cushioning, arch support, or a combination of both, we'll guide you through the features to look for in diabetic slippers and present some of the top choices on the market.

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What is the speciality of diabetic slippers?

Foot problems are commonly seen in people dealing with diabetes. If the feet are not taken care of properly, it may lead to foot problems, like swollen feet, numb toes, neuropathy or amputation in severe cases. The continuous swelling of the feet and legs can lead to varicose veins. Specialized diabetic slippers are available to provide benefits and ultimate arch support to people with diabetes.

Giving yourself a foot massage with a foot massager or soaking the feet in warm water may help to reduce inflammation and pain. Small capillary bursting and vascular lesions are more common if some appropriate therapies are not satisfactory. Diabetics their feet become vulnerable, and foot problems become common. The best diabetic slippers provide comprehensive care to the feet and pressure points and ensure accurate blood flow towards the whole body. Say goodbye to foot problems and receive maximum comfort.

Which slippers are good for your feet?

Diabetic slippers are specially designed to give comfort and relaxation to your swollen feet. Nerve damage gets almost eliminated, neuropathy can be cured, and there is no sense of pain. Diabetic slippers are designed with a foamy upper layer and rubber sole to provide relief and maximum comfort.

The slipper's mesh fabric is breathable, you won't feel any discomfort while wearing diabetic slippers. Diabetic slippers are made for every type of foot. It's not easy to buy slippers for wide and flat feet but, diabetic slippers are detailed with a double-layered insole and memory foam to give the best comfort the feet in the best possible way.

Extra wide slippers give more arch support and are better for wide feet.

What to look for before buying diabetic slippers?

The primary thing that you should consider before buying diabetic slippers is the material. The soft, comfy, and foamy lining is the most incredible feeling for your feet. The upper layer should be breathable, and the inner sole should be double layered to support the swollen feet. An extra wide toe box is a perfect fit for wide-angled toes. A rubber sole gives a shock absorbing experience. Extra features like high arches, Velcro straps or adjustable straps make the slippers even better.

Buying diabetic slippers is not an easy task because of the many varieties available in the market. Always pay attention to the features. Extra features could be more beneficial to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Soft and in-depth slippers would be more ideal for walking and running. Because of the soft foamy upper layer, the feet would not be hurt from any external injury.

There are diabetic slippers for men and women available. I tested some and you can find a detailed product review of .

The Buyer's Guide for Diabetic Shoes

You will find the comfort and softness that you can't feel in casual slippers. Diabetic slippers are made to serve people with extra comfort and support. The double-layered feature protects the upper and dorsum layer of the feet and gives them excellent support.

When buying the best slippers for diabetics, you have to consider some points that can help you buy the right product for yourself. Let's have a look at them. For a more detailed buyer's guide, please take a look at The Ultimate Guide To Buy The Best Diabetic Shoes

Step 1: Material and Size

The material of the slipper should be soft and comfortable. A breathable and shock-absorbing fabric would be best to make sure your feet don't start hurting when wearing the slippers for a long time. The memory foam lining and EVA construction are the primary features when buying diabetic shoes for women and men. The cushioned layer will help adjust the feet without any worry, and you can wear the slippers for a long time because of the soft and smooth texture. The extra depth gives great support to wide feet and is perfect for curing foot problems.

However, you should buy a size one number bigger than your actual size. If you want to buy the slippers from any local store, you should buy them when there is no swelling or injury on your feet.

Step 2: Sole and Durability

The rubber sole is non-slip, anti-skid, and water-resistant to provide durability and compatibility. Your slippers won't tear quickly, and you can wear soft and comfortable slippers all day long. The listed products have durable and compatible rubber or suede soles to provide that extra level of comfort.

You can walk and run easily if the sole doesn't slide over the floor. The insole must have memory and EVA lining for a better and more comfortable grip. The slipper design must be accurate to adjust to wide and narrow feet. The hook and loop system or Velcro is handy for wearing and taking off the shoes comfortably and easily.

Step 3: Price and Usage

Diabetic slippers are very affordable, and it's better to buy them according to your physician's prescription. Their quality is amazing, and they have the best supportive texture. The swollen feet and neuropathy are no more trouble if you buy the best slippers for diabetics.

The products are easy to wash in the machine, and you can reuse them without any effort. Moreover, the soft and breathable material won't affect your skin, and you can wear the slippers during summer and winter.

Extra tips for buying the best diabetic slippers

Slippers are an essential part to take care of your feet. Below I would like to mention some important tips to look out for before buying shoes or slippers

  • It would help if you bought shoes or slippers that have soft, mesh and breathable fabric.
  • Shoes with laces are best in fitting and comfort. You should consider buying laced shoes rather than loafers.
  • A cushioned sole is better compared to a leather sole.
  • Check the distance between the longest toe and the small toe. It should be half of the thumb's width.
  • Avoid wearing new shoes for a full first day. Wear the shoes for 1 to 2 hours and check for any swelling and blisters.

Are diabetic slippers old and traditional?

Many people think that diabetic slippers are made for medical use only. That's why most people think that the design is mostly old and traditional. The concept is wrong; many brands introduce diabetic slippers with elegant designs and classy features to serve you with the best options. Your comfortable shoes would help cure half of your diabetic symptoms and foot problems.

The classy and latest designs provide a suitable grip, and you will be relaxed throughout the day. You can do your work with ease without any pain or discomfort. Your swollen veins and capillaries would be normalised by improving your blood circulation. Nothing is more soothing and perfect than a good-quality diabetic slipper.

Which shoes are best for diabetic neuropathy?

Many brands are offering their shoes at a discounted rates. When buying a shoe specific to cure diabetic neuropathy you must be sure that all features are made for this. You can check the features like foamy and leather materials to protect the feet. The toes should be at a flexed angle, and the feet arch should be at the top to experience the best grip.

Walking and running should be easy, and the toes should be at a right angle. The toes are the most vulnerable part that suffers the most. Thus, it would be best to buy shoes with memory foam lining to protect them. The foam is shock absorbing and would help you in protecting your feet against any injury that could lead to severe foot problems or neuropathy.

Can diabetics wear casual footwear?

Itching and swelling are the primary sign of diabetic neuropathy. If a diabetic wears casual footwear rather than the diabetic slippers, it may not help cure the peripheral symptoms. It's essential to buy specified diabetic slippers to protect the feet.

Diabetic shoes are double-layered and have a shock-absorbing texture. That's why chances of inflammation and injury become less. Casual shoes are also comfortable, but they don't give you the needed support and don't help in curing inflammation, and other symptoms may get severe if not treated. Breathable mesh fabric is ideal and excellent in providing you all the comfort and support to swollen feet.

How do diabetics get rid of swollen feet?

Besides wearing specialised diabetic slippers it's also necessary to do therapies to give you quick relief of swollen feet. There are certain therapies that you can apply to reduce any inflammation. Foot massagers for diabetics are available in the market with kneading and compression therapy.

However, you can buy any foot massager that could help curing foot problems. Poor blood circulation is common, and the blood begins to coagulate in peripheries. A good foot massage will help to improve blood circulation and give you reduced inflammation and infections. A hand massage with some oil or shea butter will also help to normalize the blood circulation.


Happy and healthy feet provide a lifetime pleasure! Diabetics are always in search the perfect shoe pair that provides comfort and relaxation. You can slow down the early signs of neuropathy by wearing accurate shoes and slippers to protect your feet. Swollen toes and inflammation to any part of the feet can be cured by wearing double-layered and cushioned slippers. You can enjoy your day at home, work or walk without worrying about any external injury while wearing best diabetic slippers.

The Best Slippers For Diabetic Swollen Feet – Diabetic Me (2024)


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