Roasted Carrots With Shallots, Mozzarella and Spicy Bread Crumbs Recipe (2024)



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Terrific! This was a knockout at dinner last night, alongside the flattened thighs with roasted lemons. Only problem was that the carrots et al were so stuck to the pan I couldn't get much of it onto plates. Next time I'll use parchment paper instead of foil. But it was delicious anyway.


I had all the ingredients I needed for this recipe except mozzarella but I had Burrata in the fridge and that worked just fine. I suspect even better than plain mozzarella.Keep on cookin'


Gosh, that’s good! Had all the ingredients in the pantry, so no substitutions. Accompanied grilled chicken. I’ll make this again.


A new favorite! After making & enjoying it once, the 2nd time I used 4 oz. of mozzarella instead of the 6. Just right, I thought. Both times I used red onions instead of shallots--not a preference, just a supply issue. BUT MY MOST IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION: Dot the casserole (on top of the cheese, last 15 mins.) with cherry tomatoes. It looks beautiful & rounds out the dish. Speaking of "dish," next time I'll use a baking dish instead of a sheet for a better presentation.


I used the full bag of 2 pounds of carrots. I used the full 8 oz ball of fresh mozzarella. I increased the garlic. I placed everything on parchment lined baking sheet and then transferred along with the parchment to a large glass pyrex since the dish was being transported. I garnished it with fresh basil and mint. A dressed up version of roasted carrots.


Added some broccoli I had to the carrots and had to do half mozarella and half queso fresco since I didnt have enough mozarella. Tasted delicious - probably needed 10-12 not 15mins in the oven after I added the breadcrumbs. Definitely ready to repeat.


I really liked this - I left out the pepper flakes and put those on top at the end (because of my kids) and also left out the olives. I like olives, but something about them in this recipe seemed odd to me. Served with risotto as main dish. Delicious!


The ingredients made me think of fall more than the first day of summer. It was one of those recipes where I thought if everything turned out optimally it could be delicious. But I could also picture the bread crumbs being sort of a gooey mess in the olive oil, the fresh moz getting too tough, etc. None of that happened. It was absolutely delicious! Made it as stated, except increased the olives and the red pepper flakes (both personal preferences). Fam loved it. We’ll be seeing this again soon!


So delicious! I had mint and already prepped carrots that needed to be used. I just stumbled upon this recipe and had everything on hand. That finish of the lemon and chopped mint put this over the top. I will be making this again.


I didn't have bread crumbs so I used nutritional yeast. This is *so good*. I'm eating it before I've even added the mint and the lemon. Kalamata olives were yummy instead of green!


This is IMPOSSIBLY delicious! The balance of flavors is surprising & deeply satisfying. It seems so strange (carrots, mozzarella, green olives???) but works magically. Melissa Clark has once again proved her genius!

Jane Ginsburg

Substitute red pepper for olives….Had at TSR 6/19/23

Stella Luna

Our local produce store carries a cheese called Scamorzza, which is very much like mozzarella but a bit saltier. It was perfect with this. I also added grape tomatoes because I needed to use them up. It was delicious - the lemon juice is just the right finish.

I'll Follow The Recipe Once

Are there fennel stalks in the picture for this recipe?


I dislike it when people change a recipe and then comment. However, my version of this dish was SO good that I want to share it.Shallots: substituted leeks because I had them.Green olives: substituted anchovies and capersObviously, careful with the salt if you use anchovies However, this was delicious!


This turned out great. Omitted the olives. I lined the pan with foil. Served with mint on top because that's what I had on hand. I don't think serving with basil, mint, or dill is critical, and I'd only do so if I already had some on hand.


Delicious! I lined my sheet pan with foil before layering the vegetables etc. and clean up was a breeze. I used rather fat mini carrots and while they did roast through per the recipe time, they probably would have been more tender if I had cut them in half as the recipe says. And I used sliced red onions in place of shallots. Otherwise made exactly as is and it was fabulous!

Holly Socolow

Even Carl liked it


This was absolutely fantastic. Two of us ate almost the whole thing! Olives were an unexpected delight and I will add a few more next time. Loved the mint, might try with arugula next time. I had a few parsnips in the fridge and they were a great addition.


Delicious! I lined the sheet pan with parchment paper as Jerry had suggested. Everything served up easily with practically no clean-up required.

Liz F

I think I needed up with less than the recommended amnt of carrot because it ended up taking a back seat. Delish for Thursday night dinner.If making again I would cook mozzarella for less time. Half became tasty frico and other half became gooey mess


Delicious! Substituted onions for shallots, since I had them in stock, and skipped the olives. Also added the zest as well as the lemon juice. Perfect winter veggie dish.

Martha Moody

Wonderful recipe. Hubby and I almost ate it all. The power of root vegetables plus cheese .

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Roasted Carrots With Shallots, Mozzarella and Spicy Bread Crumbs Recipe (2024)


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