Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet - The Pickleball Source (2024)

Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet - The Pickleball Source (1)

Feet come in all shapes and sizes, but luckily, so do the perfect pickleball shoes. If you have wider-than-average feet and are getting into pickleball, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several decent options for pickleball shoes for wide feet on the market.

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  1. Best Men's Pickleball Shoes For Wide Feet
  2. Best Women's Pickleball Shoes For Wide Feet
  3. Do I Need Shoes Designed for Pickleball?
  4. Buying Guide
  5. FAQs
  6. Key Takeaways
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Best Men’s Pickleball Shoes For Wide Feet

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FitVille Sneakers Wide Pickleball Shoes for Men

These sneakers provide additional arch support for plantar fasciitis sufferers, especially those with wide feet. With options for both wide feet and extra wide feet, these shoes also feature outsoles made from a durable dual-density EVA material and anti-torsion TPU rubber, which work together to act as shock absorbers for extra comfort.

The uppers are made from breathable, super-soft microfiber, which helps keep your feet clean and the shoe fresh.

New Balance Men’s 796 V3 Hard Court Shoe

Also available to fit a wide foot, New Balance’s 796 V3 court shoes feature a REVlite midsole which delivers incredibly lightweight cushioning for extra comfort.

The enhanced non-slip design incorporates a premium rubber sole for extra grip and great stability, and the uppers feature an ergonomic, no-sew construction for a sleeker fit and feel.

K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes

K-Swiss was the first brand to introduce a court shoe specifically designed with pickleball players in mind. These pickleball shoes are ideal for a hard-court surface, and their high-density outsoles provide excellent durability.

A Plantar Support Chassis enhances mid-foot stability and can help those who suffer from plantar heel pain.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8

Asics’s DYNAWRAP Technology enhances mid-foot stability by keeping the foot centered on the shoe’s platform, and the availability of wider sizings places it among the best pickleball shoe offerings.

The shoe’s slip-resistant outsole is made from an exceptionally durable compound, and the wide toe box adds extra protection.

Adidas Men’s Gamecourt Wide Tennis Shoes

With a fashionable mesh upper for superior breathability, these outdoor court shoes from Adidas also feature a durable outsole and a Cloudfoam midsole to add cushioning.

They’re also made with an extra wide fit, and the Adiwear 6 outsole offers superb durability on both indoor courts and outdoor courts.

New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

As a cross trainer, not only are these great for pickleball players, but they are also suitable for a wide range of daily leisure sports activities.

The shoe is available in three different widths, and its internal midsole shank adds mid-foot structure and support on the court.

Best Women’s Pickleball Shoes For Wide Feet

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FitVille Sneakers Women’s Wide-Width Pickleball Shoes

FitVille shoes for pickleball are made specifically for those with wide feet and come in both ‘wide’ and ‘extra wide’ sizes. The honeycomb insole and inner Ortholite material add comfort, while the super soft microfiber upper is very breathable with anti-odor technology to keep your feet clean and cool on the pickleball court.

New Balance Women’s 796 V3 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Available in wide and extra wide sizings, these work well on outdoor or indoor pickleball courts. With a breathable upper incorporating a no-sew design, pickleball players get great support and lateral stability as they move about the court.

The synthetic upper also features NDure technology for improved durability.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoe

Available as a regular or wide shoe, Asics’s Gel-Resolution pickleball shoes provide good support, and the toe area features a PGuard Toe Protector for extra security.

The DYNAWRAP Technology features a non-stretching band about midway up the laces, which helps give the shoe good stability on the court.

K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express

This shoe is designed for hard-court use and also works well on a pickleball court. Its superior rubber sole provides the grip, the synthetic leather upper and Draggaurd rubber outsole add durability, and the molded EVA midsole gives comfort.

Adidas Women’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

Comfortable, durable, and functional, Adidas’ Gamecourt tennis shoe is also perfect for pickleball players. The sizing is naturally a little extra wide, and there’s plenty of room in the ample toe box.

Premium rubber outsoles ensure superb on-court grip, and the breathable uppers and foam midsole ensure comfort.

New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Cross Trainer

Available in narrow, regular, and wide sizes and suitable for a range of daily leisure sports, this offering is a true all-rounder. The PU Foam insert offers impressive comfort and support, and the interior lining has reduced seaming to help reduce rubbing.

Their comfort is also added to by an oversized ABZORB heel crash pad, which reduces the effects of repetitive impacts.

Do I Need Shoes Designed for Pickleball?

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It can be difficult to find good-fitting shoes for wide feet, which might have you wondering if you can just wear your favorite, well-fitting athletic shoes on the court. For the casual player, who makes their way to indoor or outdoor pickleball courts every once in a while, there’s probably no real harm unless you have weak ankles or knees. The problem with standard athletic or running shoes is that they don’t offer the support needed for lateral movement and abrupt lands on the front of your foot. Anyone who plays more regularly will definitely need more support and the maximum comfort that a pickleball shoe provides.

Tennis shoes, which are designed for play on a tennis court, are an acceptable substitute for most people since many of the foot mechanics of the games are similar.

Whether you prefer to play on an outdoor pickleball court or are seeking a new pair of indoor court shoes, there’s a perfect pickleball shoe waiting for you and your slightly wider feet. The best pickleball shoes are the ones that fit your feet well, have excellent grip, and provide extra support as players move about the court, making lots of lateral movements.

Buying Guide

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When shopping for the best pickleball shoes for wider feet, you need to look for ones with all the correct functional attributes which the sport demands. Before trying for fit, make sure the pickleball shoes you are considering have the necessary design features to help you maximize your game.

The functional attributes required of the perfect shoe for wide feet include providing great arch supports to enhance agility; a wide toe box that gives your toes freedom; gives great grip to help avoid injuries; and features a breathable material for comfort. Once you have found a suitable shoe, the next step is to check the fit.

Shop In The Afternoon

Most people’s feet swell up ever so slightly over the course of the day. Shopping for your new pickleball shoes in the afternoon allows for this phenomenon and will give you better results.

Wear Suitable Socks

When you go shopping for pickleball shoes, take the socks that you usually wear on the court with you. Wearing the exact same thickness of socks will give you a better idea of how well the shoes fit.

Make A Visual Comparison

Place the shoes you are interested in on the floor and then put your foot next to it to compare the width. You can also place the sole of the shoe against the sole of your foot to help gauge whether it will be wide enough.

Try Both Shoes On

Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet - The Pickleball Source (23)

As most people have feet that are not exactly the same size as each other, it’s best to try both shoes on to ensure they fit both feet well.

Take Them For A Walk

Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet - The Pickleball Source (24)

Standing stock still in a pair of potential new pickleball shoes won’t give you a good enough idea of how well they fit. When you play pickleball, there is lots of movement about the court in different directions.

Ask the shop staff if you can take them for a short walk. If that’s not possible, you can at least walk a few laps of the store to get a better feel for the shoes before buying.


Can I wear tennis shoes to play pickleball?

A pickleball shoe is of a similar design to those made for tennis, as both sports require similar movements from their players. You can wear shoes for tennis when playing pickleball, although it’s best to avoid ones made for grass courts.

Can I wear running shoes for pickleball?

No, running shoes are not ideal for the rigors of pickleball games. Running shoes are designed for forward motion and don’t typically provide the lateral support sought by tennis or pickleball players.

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis, also known as plantar heel pain, is the swelling of the plantar fascia tissue in the foot, which is used during walking and general foot movement.

This can be caused by a number of factors, including ill-fitting shoes, genetic foot structure, and encountering different types of walking surfaces.

How can I measure my foot size and width?

You can easily measure your feet with paper, a pen, and a ruler. Firstly, draw a complete outline of your foot on a piece of paper. Then, to find out your foot length, measure from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe.

To find out your foot width, measure across the widest part of the foot (usually across the ball of the foot).

Key Takeaways

  • Having wide feet is not an issue, with lots of brands offering men’s and women’s pickleball footwear for wider feet.
  • Always wear your pickleball socks when shopping for new shoes for wide feet.
  • If you can’t find specific pickleball shoes for wider feet, then ones designed for tennis on hard courts can also work.
  • Make sure your pickleball shoes are durable and provide the support you and your feet need to enjoy pickleball to its fullest.
Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet - The Pickleball Source (2024)


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