NBA 2k24 BEST Builds [Point Guard, High Weight Build] (2024)

NBA 2k24 has finally seen the light of day, and with its release, players have been able to build the player of their dreams with their positioning, height, wingspan, and overall distribution attributes. Players might want to know a few builds they can mess around with; therefore, here is a detailed walkthrough of NBA 2K24’s builds that you can try out!

Important: Players must follow the builds exactly to get the most out of them in NBA2K24!

Key Takeaways

  • Builds in NBA 2k24 typically comprise Wingspan, the character’s height, weight, positioning on the court, and detailed attributes.
  • The benefit of using thePoint Guardbuild will be to thrive off of using Three-Point Shot and dribbling in the court.
  • Focusing on attributes likeBall Handle, Three-Point Shot and Mid-Range shot allows players to strengthen their Point Guard positioning.
  • TheHigh Weight Build focuses on the player being a heavier character with a larger wingspan and is generally an all-rounder build.

NBA 2k24 Builds

Below listed is a summarized version of the most important attributes to invest in for the builds in NBA 2k24:

NBA 2k24 BuildsPoint Guard BuildHigh Weight Build
Driving Layup 7772
Three Point Shot 9692
Speed With Ball9183
Ball Handle9792
Perimeter Defense6079
Speed 8686
Vertical 6478

How To Make A Build In NBA 2K24?

In NBA 2k24, players can make various builds based on their preferred playstyle, and some of the good ones that I recommend are the following ones:

  1. Small Forward Positioning (185 lbs, 6’8″)
  2. Power Forward Positioning (6’10”, 252 lbs, 7’5″ wingspan)
  3. Center Positioning (7’0″, 253 lbs, 7″10 wingspan)
  4. Point Guard (6’3″, 181 lbs, 6’6″ wingspan)
  5. High Weight (6’6″, 205 lbs, 6’8″ wingspan

However, I personally go with the Point Guard and High Weight build as my go-to choice.

Important: The main Build attributes in NBA 2K24 such as Wingspan, Height, and Weight all determine the general outlook of your player in a build, while the Positioning includes that of the Point Guard and more.

  • Finishing attributes (Driving Layup, Driving Dunk, Close Shot, Standing Dunk, Post Control) influence spins and shooting near the hoop.
  • Shooting attributes (Mid-Range Shot, Three Point Shot, Free Throw) determine abilities for distant dunks and Free Throws.
  • Playmaking attributes (Speed With Ball, Ball Handle, Pass Accuracy) impact dribbling and passing accuracy.
  • Defense attributes (Steal, Block, Interior Defense, Perimeter Defense, Offensive Rebound, Defensive Rebound) affect defensive skills on the court.
  • Physical attributes (Acceleration, Speed, Strength, Vertical, Stamina) contribute to overall build, especially stamina

Point Guard Build

NBA 2k24 BEST Builds [Point Guard, High Weight Build] (1)
Close Shot52
Driving Layup77
Driving Dunk0
Standing Dunk0
Post Control0
Mid-Range Shot81
Three-Point Shot96
Free Throw71
Pass Accuracy77
Ball Handle97
Speed With Ball91
Interior Defense0
Perimeter Defense60
Offensive Rebound0
Defensive Rebound27

Kicking things off, one of the first builds you might want to try out will focus on being a Point Guardbuild.

  • For yourheight, you want to set it to exactly 6 feet and three inches, no more, no less.
  • For yourWeight, you will want to make your character be exactly 181 lbs.
  • As far as yourwingspan is concerned, it can be set to 6’6″.

Three Point Shot

When it comes to yourattributes, one of the first attributes that you want to consider is yourThree-Point Shot.

  • For your three-point shot, you want to go ahead and max it out and take it to 96.

This will also bring up yourMid-range shot to 81, while your Free throw would land somewhere at 71. You want to take Three-Point Shot to 96 and not 95 mainly to get access to the goldLimitless Range badge.


For youracceleration, you will want to focus on theSpeed Booster badge; for that, you want to set your acceleration to 93.

  • This would indirectly drive up your overall speed to 78, greatly benefiting you. As far as your speed with ball is concerned, you should be able to bring that up to 91.

Speed With Ball

As far as yourspeed with ball is concerned, you should be able to bring that up to 91.

As you do that, a few attributes will be driven up, such as yourspeed being pushed up to 86 as a bonus.

  • Other than that, yourperimeter defense will be at 56, and the Vertical and stamina will be at 56, which is all accounted for.

Ball Handle

With that, you want to bring up your following attribute, the Ball Handle, and max it out all the way to 97.

  • This will increase your Pass Accuracy to 67, while your Driving Layup will be enhanced to 77.

However, if players want to max out the builds and get every style of dribble present, they will need to max out their Speed With Ball to 92.

Vertical And Stamina

Moving on, you will want to focus on the Vertical and the Stamina attributes.

  • Stamina: 99
  • Vertical: 64.

Besides that, you should also boost your overall pass accuracy to 77 and then a bit into the Defensive Rebound.

High Weight Build

NBA 2k24 BEST Builds [Point Guard, High Weight Build] (2)
Close Shot52
Driving Layup72
Driving Dunk89
Standing Dunk34
Post Control0
Mid-Range Shot77
Three-Point Shot92
Free Throw71
Pass Accuracy75
Ball Handle92
Speed With Ball83
Interior Defense51
Perimeter Defense79
Offensive Rebound0
Defensive Rebound60

Moving on, another NBA 2k24 Build that you might want to try is a rather high-weight build, which will focus on you being the Point Guard again.

  • For yourheight, you want to set it out to be exactly 6’6″.
  • As far as your weight is concerned, it will be 205 lbs, while your wingspan will be 6’8″.

Driving Dunk

Starting things off, you will want to focus on yourDriving Dunk, balanced out at a respectable 87.

  • With this, other attributes, such as Close Shot, will be boosted to 47, while your Driving Layup will be increased to 67.
  • Besides that, your Standing Dunk will be at 32, while your Ball Handl will be increased to 37.
  • TheStrengthand Vertical will be initially increased to 42 and 67, respectively with this.

For the second level ofPosterizer, you will want to have the Driving Dunk at 89.

  • If you increase yourDriving Layupto 72, then it will further increase your Close Shot by 52.

Three-Point Shot

Regarding your overall Three-Point Shot, you will want to max it out and bring it up to 92 to obtain the Limitless Range badge.

This will bring up theMid-Range Shot to 77,while the Free Throw will be to 67, which can then be increased to 71 or 70.

Ball Handle

Regarding the Ball Handle, you will want to max that out as well, bringing it to 93.

  • ThePass Accuracywill be increased to 63, and the Speed With Ball.
  • TheClose Shot and Driving Layup are also enhanced and increased to 53 and 73, respectively.
  • Perimeter Defense is increased up to 28.
  • As for the speed, it will be enhanced to 58, Acceleration to 43, and Stamina to 28 due to this.

You can also decide to bring down the Ball Handle to 92, but it will also decrease the values of the attributes mentioned above.

Perimeter Defense

  • For yourSpeed With Ball, you can bring it up to 83.
  • With yourpass accuracy,you want to increase it to a respectable 75,
  • And for yourPerimeter Defense, you want to increase it to 79, which will further boost up your Steal to 39 and your Defensive Rebounds to 34.
  • YourBlock should be up to 71, maxing it out, increasing your Interior Defense, and enhancing it to 51.

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about NBA 2K24’s top-tier builds! While you’re here, why not read up on theNBA 2k24 Crossplay guide?

Build And Photo Credits: 24kBandz on Youtube.

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NBA 2k24 BEST Builds [Point Guard, High Weight Build] (2024)


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