NBA 2K24 Best Builds For Current And Next-Gen (2024)

Basketball is one of the most beloved sports in all of the world. Being able to play with or as all the legends in NBA 2K24 is a dream come true. Players also get to build their own characters in NBA 2K24 to see how they would fare against the greatest players in NBA history. Of course, to do that, your NBA 2K24 builds need to be on point if you wish to stand up against the best in the game.

Just as it is difficult to stand out in the world of basketball, making a character for yourself is also not so easy. A lot of thought goes into what attributes you want to get, the badges, and the skills that you want when going through the MyPlayer Builder in NBA 2K24. Do you want a jack-of-all-trades character or master of one? The choice is up to you.

Furthermore, your attributes determine your character’s overall is. A higher overall means your character will have access to better badges and better skills and a stronger character in short.

Now to increase your attributes, you need to spend VC, the in-game virtual currency, on your character. As you invest more into your attributes, the higher the prices go for each point spent on the attributes. On a good day, a single character upgrade from the starting 60 OVR to 99 OVR will cost you as much as 450,000 VC to 550,000 VC. This makes picking your attributes while making an NBA 2K24 build even riskier, as investing poorly will literally leave you poor in the game.

If you are a veteran NBA player, you would already know how to make a perfect build for yourself. If you are new to the NBA series, or are coming back from a long break, you might need some help making a build for yourself in NBA 2K24. Here, we will briefly look at all the best builds for the various positions in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 Best Point Guard Builds

Point Guards are the shortest character on the team, and the fastest character as well. Point Guards focus on making sure the ball stays in their team’s hands, and work on passing the ball to their teammates safely. A lot is riding on the team’s Point Guard.

Point Guard are vicious when it comes to dribbling and keeping the ball safe. Point Guards are excellent at driving the ball and creating shots for themselves and their teammates.

Even though they are short and quick on their feet, Point Guards are not useless when it comes to scoring. Point Guards also shot perfectly, since they are so good at creating shots, no matter the situation. No wonder Point Guards are called the Floor Generals.

Below is our list of the best point guard builds you should try out

  • 3PT Playmaker
  • 2-Way Slashing Playmaker
  • Floor Spacing Slasher
  • Shot Creating 3-Level Threat
  • Inside-Out Shot Creator
  • Inside-Out Playmaker
  • 3PT Shot Creator

NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Guard Builds

Shooting Guards are the patient stalkers of the team. These players can hold and circulate around the three-point line and keep an eye out for any opening they might get.

Shooting Guards, although not the fastest on the team, can keep control of the ball and hold the line until they get the perfect chance to get a 3-pointer. If not, the shooting guard can stay back and make sure no opponent is able to score at all.

Whether you want to go offensive or defensive, our shooting guard builds for NBA 2K24 is sure to set you up for easy wins

  • 3PT Shot Hunter
  • 2-Way 3PT Combo Guard
  • 2-Way Inside-Out Scorer

Best Small Forward Builds

Small Forwards are the most versatile players on every team. In NBA 2K24, Small Forward players can shoot 2-pointers, 3-pointers, dunk, defend, rebound, handle the ball, excellent passing and superb dribbling.

The extensive range of Small Forward’s abilities makes Small Forward the most difficult build to make in NBA 2K24. Small Forwards as extremely aggressive and offensive generally, and quick thinking is a vital part of playing the position.

You can check out all our NBA 2K24 SF builds over here

  • Stretch Build
  • 2-Way 3PT Point Forward
  • 3-Level Threat
  • 3PT Shot Creator

Best Power Forward Build

Bringing out the main scorer of any team, the Power Forward only focuses on attacking and making baskets. Power Forwards stay ahead and ready for a basket at all times Their attributes often help them keep the ball in their control, easily creating spaces for themselves, and making sure they can make a basket easily. They are difficult to block and harass when they are going in for a basket.

We currently have the following PF builds for NBA 2K24 at hand

  • 2-Way Skilled Stretch
  • Defensive Anchor
  • 3-Level Scorer

NBA 2K24 Best Center Builds

The last position among the five players on the court, the Center is the tallest player on the team and is called the pivot of the team. Centers tend to take the low post position and focus on either defending or shooting down lows from inside the key. A well-made Center build in 2K24 can also take perimeter shots, but their main job is to contest shots and pull the rebound down.

The tallest player can be an intimidating presence, difficult to pass by, and harder to stop when he is going in for a dunk.

Below are all the builds we have made for different Center archetypes in 2K24

  • 3-Level Threat
  • Inside the Arc Threat
  • Inside the Arc Finisher
  • 2-Way Interior Scorer
  • Post Scorer
  • Glass-Cleaning Interior Threat
NBA 2K24 Best Builds For Current And Next-Gen (2024)


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