NBA 2K23: become a point god with these builds (2024)

If you like to run the show and be in control of the game, then point guard is the perfect position for you. In NBA 2K23 the point guard is the mastermind behind the offense, and the ball is in his hand the majority of the time. He calls for plenty of different plays and is an expert at finding open teammates.

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NBA 2K23 best PG builds are important to create the next big superstar that can rival players such as Steve Nash, Chris Paul, or John Stockton. So, we bring you the best NBA 2K23 PG builds, that will help you run the court.

NBA 2K23: Best PG Builds

The biggest strength of point guards is their ability to run the offense. They can create a shot for themselves but also the space for their teammates. Some are great at driving to the basket, others are deadly from long range, with a selected few being able to do both.

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On the defensive side, they are great perimeter defenders, with the ability to lock down players in the perimeter, and force them to drive to the basket. However, most are not great rim protectors, and when defending bigger and stronger players they will have a hard time.

2 Way 3 PT Shot Creator

With this build, you will have a player capable of impacting both sides of the floor, running the offense, and also being a lockdown defender. He will also be a great 3-point shooter, making him an even bigger threat on the offensive side.

When it comes to the points distribution, you want to have 54 points on close shot, 79 on driving layup, and 93 on driving dunk. This will give you a total of 17 potential badges, allowing you to have at least two hall-of-fame finishing badges. Your player will be able to finish at the rim with ease, and even bigger opponents will have a hard time stopping him.

In the following category, shooting, you want to max out your three-point shot, with 89 points. Then add 74 points to the mid-range, and 68 to the free-throw. After distributing the points this way, you will have 21 potential badges, with seven of them being hall-off-fame ones. Opposing players will need to bring their A-game to stop you, since you are able to shoot from pretty much anywhere.

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NBA 2K23: become a point god with these builds (4)

This build also has great playmaking, with 79 pass accuracy, 89 ball handle, and 76 speed with the ball. Your teammates will call you floor general, because of your ability to orchestrate the offense. Breaking your opponent's ankles with dribble moves is also something this build allows you to do.

On defense, you want to max out perimeter defense with 92 points, and steal with 85. The remaining stats on defense aren’t very important, as you most likely won't be blocking anyone or getting many rebounds.

Last but not least, we have the physical category. Put 78 points on speed, 90 on acceleration, 42 on strength, 85 on vertical, and 93 on stamina. You won't be a very strong player, but your amazing speed will allow you to blow past opponents, and your high vertical will help you finish at the rim.

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For the takeover, take the spot-up precision as your primary one, and the advanced gather as your second one. Follow all these steps, and you will have a player capable of dominating MyPark or PRO-AM.

3 Point Shot Creator

While the previous build has the ability to impact both sides of the floor, this one focus primarily on offense. It has plenty of shooting badges, making you a multi-level threat when it comes to scoring the ball. First, start by selecting a 6’1" height, 196 lbs weight, and a wingspan of 6’7".

After doing that, it's time to start distributing your attribute points. On finishing, you want to add 59 points to close shot, 74 to driving layup, and 86 to driving dunk. You will be able to finish at the rim with flashy dunks even if contested.

As mentioned above, this builds focus primarily on offense, so you want to spend plenty of points on your shooting attributes. Start by maxing out the three-point shot with 92 points, and then allocated 78 points to the mid-range shot, and 74 to the free-throw. Because of this point distribution, you will have 24 badge points, which can be transformed into ten hall-of-fame badges.

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NBA 2K23: become a point god with these builds (6)

Playmaking is very important for any point guard, as you need good ball handling, speed with the ball, and great pass accuracy. In order to achieve that, add 84 points to pass accuracy, 94 to ball handle, and 83 to speed with ball. This will give you 26 badge points, you can then spend and get six hall-of-fame badges.

Defense is not this build strong suit, but your player still needs to make it as hard as possible for opponents to score. So, like in the majority of point guard builds in NBA 2K23, you want o maximize your perimeter defense. To do that, add 80 points to perimeter defense, and 85 to steal. You also want to add 61 points to block.

In the physical department, you will focus on speed, since you need your player to be able to speed past opponents and create space. Add 80 points to speed, 90 to acceleration, 30 to strength, 75 to vertical, and 98 to stamina. Stamina is very important since it allows you to spam more dribble moves, and keep up with your opponents.

As for the takeovers, pick limitless range as the primary one, and team rating boosts as the secondary. The first takeover will make you a deadly shooter, forcing your opponents to pick you up on half-court. Team rating boosts will give your playmaking abilities a significant boost, which can be game-changing.

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NBA 2K23: become a point god with these builds (2024)


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