Chapter 5 - The Charismatic Charlie Wade | Novel Square (2024)

The two announcements released by Emgrand Group completely shook the entire Aurous Hill like ahigh magnitude earthquake.

When the Wilson family learned about the ownership change in Emgrand Group, they figured out whythe collaboration with the White family had been terminated.

It seemed that Emgrand’s new owner didn’t think much of the White family.

Back to the point, who was Mr.Wade? He simply bought Emgrand Group that was worth hundreds ofbillions of dollars without batting an eye—he was a little too powerful, wasn’t h e? Even the richest manin Aurous Hill wouldn’t be so generous!

All of a sudden, a lot of wealthy families were about to eagerly make a move.

They wished to establish a connection with the mysterious Mr.Wade while on the other hand wished tomarry their daughter to him.

Moreover, the announcement about Emgrand Group’s investment of two billion dollars for the hotelconstruction project also shook the construction and interior decorating industries in Aurous Hill like agreat force surging the ground!

Two billion!

They could make a lot of money even tendering scraps of the project! A lot of companies wanted aslice of the lucrative pie, including Lady Wilson, who loved money more than anything! Lady Wilsonwas over the moon at the moment.

Two billion dollar project! This was the perfect opportunity for the Wilson family to get a contract fromthe mega project.

It would bring their family to the next level! Hence, she called for an urgent family meeting at themansion tonight to discuss ways to achieve a breakthrough in Emgrand Group’s mega project.

Everyone had to attend! Later that night, at the Wilson family mansion, Charlie tagged along since LadyWilson had asked for everyone’s participation.

He knew about the old lady’s main agenda of the meeting, so he wanted to take this opportunity toboost Claire’s confidence! When Harold, Claire’s cousin, saw him at the mansion, he mockeddisdainfully, "D*mn! Charlie Wade, you’re very shameless.Where did you find your courage to seeGrandma now!"

With an indifferent expression on her face, Claire uttered, "Stop your nonsense.Grandma askedeveryone in the Wilson family to come.Charlie is my husband, so of course he is a member of theWilson family too!"

Harold laughed sarcastically.

"He is part of the Wilson family? Haha! He is nothing but a live-in son-in-law!"

Charlie rubbed his nose in slight agitation and said to Claire, "Dear, just let him be, don’t argue withhim.Let’s go in quick, Grandma is waiting for everyone."

Claire nodded and walked into the house without batting an eye at Harold.

Harold’s face twisted in an irritated grimace, anticipating their embarrassment later.

After entering the meeting room, Charlie and Claire found a place to sit in the corner.

Very soon, Lady Wilson made a great entrance and the family meeting officially began.

Lady Wilson sat on the head of the table.

She knocked on the table and started cheerfully, "We, the Wilson family, have been waiting for achance like this for so many years, a chance that will bring us to the next level, to the peak of the socialpyramid in Aurous Hill! The chance is finally here now!"

She continued loudly, "This time, Emgrand Group has announced a mega project of two billion dollars.Ifanyone can tender a project from it, it will bring great and lucrative benefits!"

"Moreover, this is Emgrand Group’s first major project after its change of ownership.It is a greatopportunity for us!"

"Tf we can collaborate with Emgrand Group and leave a good impression on the new chairman, we willbecome very powerful and prominent in the future!"

The attendees were rather indifferent and unpassionate as compared to Lady Wilson’s enthusiasm.

In fact, it wasn’t anything new for the Wilson family wanting t o collaborate with Emgrand Group.

However, for the longest time, Emgrand Group had ignored the Wilson family’s request.

What made Lady Wilson think that they could get a slice of the mega pie from them now? It wasimpossible.

Annoyed by the silence, Lady Wilson’s face flushed with anger and she shouted furiously, "Why? Areyou all dumb now? Do none of you have any confidence in taking a tiny slice of pie from the two billiondollars project?"

Everyone exchanged nervous glances but no one dared to talk.

Lady Wilson was getting more agitated now, she gritted her teeth and growled, "All of you listen to me!Whoever able to get a thirty million dollar deal from the Emgrand Group will b e made the director ofour company!"

Everyone’s jaws dropped to the floor as if a bomb exploded in the room.

Lady Wilson ruled the family and the company with an iron fist, so she had never once appointed adirector in the company.

After all, a director would have a lot of power in his hands that most of the time, only the futuresuccessor of the company would be qualified to hold the position.

Now that she used the position as a reward, she must have hoped that she would find someone to dothe job with the lucrative reward.

It was certain that she was extremely eager for the project.

Although the reward was very attractive, it was not an easy task to accomplish.

To strike a deal with Emgrand Group and even get a thirty million dollar contract from it? It was the jokeof the century i n the eyes of the Wilson family members.

Even if Lady Wilson herself went to talk to them, the executives wouldn’t even see her, let alone talkabout a collaboration.

The conference hall was as quiet as church.

Lady Wilson slammed the table furiously and shouted, "All of you are descendants of the Wilson family,can’t anyone of you solve the problem for your family?"

Then, she turned and looked at Harold.

"Harold, Ill pass this job to you!"

Harold managed a bitter laugh and quickly said, "Grandma, even the White family has been kicked outby Emgrand Group.

Our family is a level lower than they are, how can we strike a deal with Emgrand..."

Lady Wilson chided indignantly, "Rubbish! How dare you deny yourself before you even try! You areeven more hopeless than the loser Charlie!"

Actually, Lady Wilson had no confidence in this either, but she didn’t want to be the head of a familythat was always at the second or third level of the social pyramid.

She wanted the Wilson family to climb a rung higher even in her dreams.

Emgrand Group’s mega project was her only chance to make her dream come true now.

Therefore, she would not give up even if it was difficult.

She thought that as the eldest grandson, Harold, would accept the task willingly, but unexpectedly, hehad refused right in her face!

Harold felt dejected and depressed as well.

No one in their right mind would accept this impossible task.

He was certain that he would be kicked out immediately even before he could walk through EmgrandGroup’s door.

At that time, not only would he fail on the task but he would also be ridiculed and mocked for his failure.

That was why he could never agree with his grandmother’s order no matter what.

Lady Wilson glared at the rest of the crowd and shouted loudly, "What about the rest of you? Is thereno one who would dare take on this challenge?"

At this moment, Charlie nudged Claire with his elbow and whispered, "Darling, accept the mission!"

Claire shrieked in surprise, "Are you crazy? It is impossible for Emgrand Group to collaborate with asmall company like us! "

Charlie smiled lightly and said confidently, "Don’t worry, you’ll definitely strike the deal!"

Claire’s eyes widened in surprise.

"Are you sure?"

Charlie nodded seriously and said, "Of course! I don’t think you have any problems at all! Trust me,seize the opportunity.Your status in the Wilson family will shoot up in the future!"

Claire couldn’t explain why, but it was as if she was hypnotized by Charlie’s words.She stood up beforeshe could digest what he said and said to Lady Wilson, "Grandma, I’m willing to give it a shot..."

Chapter 5 - The Charismatic Charlie Wade | Novel Square (2024)


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