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Daniel escorted Claire into his office. The moment the door was closed, a flash of lustful desireappeared in Daniel’s eyes.

He locked the door quietly and invited Claire to sit on the sofa.

Claire was feeling a little awkward and gawky. She sat opposite him with her hands folded on herthighs.

Daniel started with a smile, “Miss Wilson, may I know what is the occasion of your visit today?”

Claire managed a timid smile and said, “Frankly speaking, Mr. Koch, our company is having someproblems with our cash flow recently, so I would like to ask if you can let us buy the first batch ofmaterials on credit please?”

“On credit, huh?” Daniel withdrew his smile and replaced it with a frown. “Miss Wilson, I’m sure youmust be aware of my company’s policy. We never allow credit payment or deliver the materials first. It’salways—pay first and materials are delivered later…”

“I know,” Claire said apologetically, “My hands are tied right now, but don’t worry, the project we’reworking on is a collaboration with the Emgrand Group, which is the largest company in Aurous Hill.They will definitely not default on our project payment. So, when the payment is settled, we’ll pay youback immediately!”

Daniel chuckled twice and said, “Yes, you are right, but you have to know that it’s nothing personal.Miss Wilson, do you know why I set the rule of not allowing credit payment?”

Claire shook her head. “Why?”

“I had a soft touch in the past. My customers wanted to get the goods first then settled the paymentlater. I agreed because I wanted to build a solid network with them and also expand my business. All of

them claimed that they would settle the payment once the other party settled theirs, and as a result, Ihave more than 300 million dollars in my credit account that have yet to be returned!”

“What? So much?”

Claire was surprised by the number.

The net worth of the entirety of Wilson Group was only over 100 million dollars.

But the debts that were owed to Daniel were more than 300 million!

Daniel shrugged helplessly and sighed. “Well, what can I do? The partners that owe me money, they allsaid the same thing, ‘Oh, I’ll pay you soon, I’ll settle it soon’, but they never did.”

Then, he shook his head in dismay. “Lastly, I have no choice but to cut off all the collaborations thatwere on credit. You can get the goods here, I have all the stocks that you want, but you must pay first.”

Claire pursed her lips in disappointment. It seemed that her request was rejected.

However, she also knew that since he had this principle, it wasn’t nice to ask him to go against his ownprinciple. So she stood up and said, “I’m sorry to bother you today, Mr. Koch. I’ll go back and talk to mygrandmother and see if we can raise the money as soon as possible for your goods.”

Daniel instantly said when she got up to leave, “Hey, Miss Wilson, what’s the hurry?”

Then, he rose to his feet and continued, “The things I said just now, it refers to the common partners,but you, Miss Wilson, are a different case!”

Claire frowned in confusion. “What do you mean, Mr. Koch?”

Daniel squinted seductively at Claire.

Honestly speaking, Claire was so beautiful!

She was so beautiful that he couldn’t breathe!

For the past few years, all he saw was the old nagging witch at home. That ugly and shriveled womanwas nowhere close to Claire’s beauty.

Claire’s impeccable look paired with her hot figure, her physical features made her the perfect womanever existed!

Why didn’t he have such luck to have her as his wife?

Why did such a superb woman marry the infamous loser in town?

What did her deadbeat husband have that he didn’t? He had a lot more than the loser could offer!

Daniel’s heart itched with lust and passion when he thought of it.

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Chapter 125 - The Charismatic Charlie Wade | Novel Square (2024)


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